Let’s Be Fair, UMC, and Exclude ALL the Unclean, not Just the Homosexuals



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Jesus had a holiness code

Currently, The American branch of the United Methodist Church has no clear understanding of holiness and what that holiness means for us individually and collectively! The United Methodist Church is in existence because John Wesley was focused on providing a practical Christianity for a plain people. Wesley very much believed in a holiness code--otherwise known as The General Rules. The only thing we, as modern day American United Methodists, understand about the General Rules is their three main headings. Under each one of those headings are specific things that defines holiness for the individual. Strangely enough, sex is not on the list probably because everybody already knew the holiness code for that aspect of their lives--we were created as two genders for a reason. Until the church as a whole grasps a "holiness code" that defines holiness for all aspects of our lives, including our sexuality, then there is absolutely no reason for it to remain in existence because it will have nothing to offer other than a mind boggling array of conflicting and contradictory beliefs. John Wesley understood what we have forgotten: Holiness starts with a day to day relationship with the triune God who is holy love. A relationship with the triune God who is holy love begins by embracing the understanding that through Jesus, the triune God who is holy love loves even me more than I could ever think about loving myself.

Betsy more than 1 year ago

Two Wrongs

Let's remember that two wrongs don't make a right. God-given rules are there to help you and keep you from suffering. That is not to say that "normal" adultery should be overlooked. It should not. But in both cases human urges are controllable. Jesus, his disciples, Paul, Barnabus, Luke all controlled themselves. Christ is not asking too much by expecting a measure of holiness from His followers. The question is "how seriously do you want to follow Christ?"

Skipper Anding more than 1 year ago

Here's the problem

Homosexuality is not an "urge." The characterization of others' capacities to love as such is reprehensible. What constitutes "holiness" is not who you love. Moreover, it's a poor thing to endorse: after all, it was the "Holy People" who manipulated the Romans to crucify Christ.

George Nixon Shuler more than 1 year ago


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