Seven Pieces of Institutional Clutter the UMC Needs to Leave Behind



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Normalizing Sin

Christianity and the UMC should reach out and accept all sinners into our congregations in the hope that they will hear and receive God's word. However, the UMC should not accept, normalize or promote any sin. The Bible scriptures are quite clear on the subject of sin. As Jesus said many times (paraphasing), "stop sinning, go forth and live your life according to God's word". Re-writing the Bible scriptures or the UMC's Book of Discipline is an attempt to normalize sin. Would we do it for any other sin? No. Read Leviticus 18:22.

William Dunkin 11 days ago

In the Days when the Wesleys were forming what became the UMC

It was conventional wisdom that heterosexuality and reproduction was a requirement of polite society. Male/Male relationships were hidden, and those which became visible were exploitative - primarily men of means and younger servant men, not unlike the Centurion and the servant of his who Christ healed in Matthew 8. Many in our Anglosphere were seafarers, frontiersmen, or prisoners. Female/Female dyads were mostly hidden - Prime Minister Disraeli famously sputtered when Queen Victoria expressed skepticism of a criminal code revision which would criminalize lesbianism because she could not conceive of what the physicality of such a duo would involve - well, it was before the time of Havelock Ellis, Alfred Kinsey, William Masters and Virginia Johnson, etc., and her indelicate inquiry would have been common opinion anyhow. It was therefore nothing like the same-sex weddings in Western culture of today.

The assertion "this is they way we've always done it" is often, upon closer examination, inaccurate. Anybody who thinks otherwise need only look at the statuary of St. Theresa apparently experiencing an orgasm. The sculptor knew.

George Nixon Shuler 14 days ago

After reading articles like this

I am ready for the church to put an end to its existence and put us all out of our misery. The whole lot of you are insane! Personally, I am not surprised that the American branch of the denomination is approaching 50 years of uninterrupted numerical decline. Mark my words, everybody can do whatever they want, but ultimately it is going to be frustrated people in the pew who decide the fate of the church. And if you want the church to stop being obsessed with sexuality then talk to your progressives friends-they are the ones that are making sex the "do or die" issue.

Betsy 14 days ago

Please explain

We've advocated for a change in policy. We're not the ones threatening to take our balls and go. It seems it is the right-wing who have made it their "do or die" issue. One need only look at their publication, "Good News:" it's all gay all the time.

George Nixon Shuler 13 days ago

Notable Quotes

     "The world watched you protest the speaker you never should have had. We cheered as we saw so many of you refuse to acquiesce in the face of threats and calls for complicity. Your actions fit within a long tradition of Black people fighting back against those who attack our institutions and our very lives with their anti-Black policies and anglo-normative practices. Betsy DeVos’ commitment to dismantling public education and her egregious framing of historically Black colleges and universities as 'pioneers' in school choice are just two examples of why she should never have been invited to speak at an event celebrating Black excellence.  ...  You represent the best of Mother Mary McLeod Bethune who took the little she had and built an institution that remains committed to bringing out the best in us."

     From an open letter to graduates of United Methodist-related Bethune-Cookman University penned by 215 Black professors congratulating them on protesting the commencement appearance of Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. 


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