The Fight Between Tame and Good: The Coming UMC Schism



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viewpoints offer truth

You state that "many viewpoints offer truth". You are equating human viewpoints to the word of God. Human "truth" is nothing more than opinions made by fallible people. God's word is the infallible truth. By denying the plain word of God in favor of "human truths" you are elevating human opinion above God's word. You are worshiping at the altar of human intellect not the altar of God.

Scott 221 days ago

It must be nice to think you know exactly what God thinks.

The concept that we can know exactly what God thinks is the height of human arrogance. If you claim The Bible, it begs Rev. Dr. William E. Barber's question to the fundamentalists: "Why do you care so much about what the Bible says so little, and so much, and so little about what the bible says so much (oppresson of the poor)?"

George Nixon Shuler 218 days ago

And how about those

Who acted in defiance of General Conference re the church's official stance on sexuality? Are they not just as guilty of disrupting the unity of the church as those who attended the WCA gathering? Or do they deserve a pass? Our individual perspectives on that are probably completely different.

Look at church history: Protestantism is in existence because Martin Luther started a protest against the Roman Catholic Church. Reformation was all about people breaking away from the established church. Since the Reformation, nobody--including John Wesley-- ever thought that a single faith tradition should operate in an atmosphere of theological plurality that leaves it saying nothing in particular. Until now. There are multiple denominations for a reason--to accommodate different theological perspectives within the much larger holy catholic/universal Church. Methodism is only one small part of the holy catholic/universal Church and The United Methodist Church is only a single branch of Methodism which is already spread across multiple denominations. God will not be out of business and the spread of Christianity will not end if Methodism acquires a new branch or two. Furthermore, I absolutely respect your right to believe differently from me and defend your right to do so, but that does not mean I feel compelled to share a church with you.

betsy 223 days ago

Will you be smug

When you find out most of the people in hebbin aren't people you don't think deserve to be there?

George Nixon Shuler 218 days ago


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