Civility Is The Opposite of Taking Up Your Cross



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Love your neighbor

Morgan Guyton needs to read the Bible. Jesus commanded us to love our enemies and to turn the other cheek. This is not conditional on whether or not your side is winning. He was not uncivil to the guys who crucified him, he forgave him. What you are preaching is the opposite of Christianity. You should have faith in God to work out the situation. Peaceful and CIVIL protest and sound arguments to change the minds of voters, YES. Shouting at someone eating dinner or kicking them out of a restaurant while eating dinner with their kids, NO. You are turning off way more people with these tactics and losing your point. Your only resort will be violence, which is a sin. Why do you think the Republicans love Maxine Waters so much. She wins people to their side!

Scott D 355 days ago

Well done

Guyton touches on the issues at hand well, but avoids specific comment about those who confront Trumpistas when they ironically hope to ironically dine at a Mexican restaurant like they were just folks instead of capos of a fascist regime (HS Secretary Krjisten Nielsen), ironically see a documentary about a Presbyterian Minister turned Children's entertainer who embodied respect for children, and got blamed for narcissism of younger folks -Fred Rogers in "Won't You Be My Neighbor - (Florida AG Pam Bondi) or ironically dine in a farm-to-table eatery while the administration gives fossil fuel moguls carte blanche to despoil the ecosystem as Minister of Propaganda Sara Huckabee Sanders did. Those who confronted these miscreants were most likely appropriate, although the fact these were all women is troubling and indicates some sexism on the part of the hecklers perhaps, Sanders less so since she's the spawn of Original Religious Right Gangster Mike Huckabee, whose claim to fame was riding the shaming of Bill Clinton for being a horndog to the Lieutenant Governorship and then the Governorship when Clinton's successor Jim Guy Tucker got caught with his hand in the cookie jar and was the first failed 2016 GOP nominee aspirant to jump aboard the Trump train. Well, sins of the fathers and all that. Trump's main propaganda outlet The National Enquirer famously earns its chops featuring paparazzi shots of washed up celebs taking out the garbage and shopping for bargain cereals at Dollar General and such sans makeup and Bob Mackie gowns. And they want to lecture a few loudmouth resistance folks about civility .

The day after the 2016 election, I was at a car wash vacuuming broken glass from a busted rear window at a car wash out of my back seat and the dang thing stopped working. I asked the dude for a refund and he was like, "Naw, ya can't have it, y'all are Clinton people," but he was just joshing and gave it. I said, "We'll be back next time," and we both had a good laugh. I understand folks who feel unrepresented liked Mr. Trump's message. Fine. I also think most of 'em didn't share some of the racism this regime has enacted into policy. My beef's not with them. We regular voters can agree to disagree. I'm still glad Trump was the GOP nominee instead of Huckabee, Cruz, Santorum, and even Kasich and Jeb Bush (see the Terry Schiavo imbroglio for why the smart Bush progeny was worse). Life goes on. We render unto Caesar. But his minions don't deserve a pleasant dining experience from merchants with consciences.

George Nixon Shuler 358 days ago


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