Baptism Is Thicker Than Water



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Split and Baptism

Actually the real issue has nothing to do with baptism but with the Scripture. Either we adhere to the Gospel or we do not and for most os us conservatives the choice is clear. Stick with God's word.

Larry Williams more than 1 year ago

The Rub Comes Here

For me, the rub comes here. If one is a true believer and totally devoted to following Christ, I don't see how one could compromise on morality, or really any main tenant of Christianity. One's love, devotion and appreciation of Jesus, as a response to God's love, are enough to carry you over the rough places.

A couple of sayings from Rev. Adrian Rogers:
It's better to be divided by truth than united in error.
Better to die with conviction than to live with compromise.

I would note that we are not saved by baptism, but by faith in Christ through repentance and turning back to God as our Lord Jesus commanded.

Skipper Anding more than 1 year ago

Notable Quotes

     "The world watched you protest the speaker you never should have had. We cheered as we saw so many of you refuse to acquiesce in the face of threats and calls for complicity. Your actions fit within a long tradition of Black people fighting back against those who attack our institutions and our very lives with their anti-Black policies and anglo-normative practices. Betsy DeVos’ commitment to dismantling public education and her egregious framing of historically Black colleges and universities as 'pioneers' in school choice are just two examples of why she should never have been invited to speak at an event celebrating Black excellence.  ...  You represent the best of Mother Mary McLeod Bethune who took the little she had and built an institution that remains committed to bringing out the best in us."

     From an open letter to graduates of United Methodist-related Bethune-Cookman University penned by 215 Black professors congratulating them on protesting the commencement appearance of Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. 


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