Is There Hope for a United Methodist Church?

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In addition to what "enemy hates clairity" said

here is my complaint against the UMC continuing with its Big Tent theology: It makes the church incoherent. I know because I spent a lifetime being a good loyal church-attending, church-supporting Methodist and ended up more broken. lost and confused than when I began. John Wesley is right on with his assessment that being caught somewhere between God and the world, unable to find peace with either, is a miserable existence. Thank goodness I was forced to distance myself from all things church and strike out on my own. That is when I encountered amazing teaching from an assortment of teachers from the communion of saints past and present that blew out all the fuzziness of partial understandings and misconceptions about God and myself that had accumulated over a lifetime of being a "good Methodist". I am finally able to stand in the wide open spaces of God's absolutely amazing grace and know without a shadow of a doubt that God loves even me more than I could ever think about loving myself. I wished I had encountered such teaching a long time ago. I also learned that Methodism is in existence because John Wesley was insistent on a "practical religion for a plain people" that would enable individuals to establish a vital relationship with the triune God of holy love and then with each other. Call me when the UMC comes to its senses and decides that theological plurality is the root cause of its problems and reclaim the reason Methodism is in existence. If it does that, then it will have a reason to justify its existence as a free-standing faith tradition because it will once again be making a unique and much needed contribution to the Christian landscape.

Betsy more than 1 year ago

au contraire, the progressive wing is dying

The progressive wing is loud but tiny. If there is a split, the progressives will be 2-3 million members. The energy will be with the orthodox, especially in Africa. In the US the largest and fastest growing congregations are primarily orthodox. If there is a split from the progressives, the Orthodox United Methodist Church will have more energy and resources to devote to growth. Frankly, the progressives have not shown they know how to grow a church, and the progressive portion of the United Methodist Church will head down the same path towards oblivion already taken by the UCC, PC (USA), and the Episcopalians. The Western Jurisdiction is Exhibit A.

In Christ,

The enemy hates clarity

theenemyhatesclarity more than 1 year ago

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