The Real Foundations of the Wesleyan Covenant Association

Catering to Culture Part 5: Being What They Claim to Hate



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Why demonize each other?

Mr. Smith, why is it necessary to demonize the WCA? Likewise, the WCA may demonize you and your side. What does this rhetoric accomplish other than make yourself and like minded people feel better about themselves? Does this do anything to bridge the gap in attempting to remain United? No, it doesn't. We can all point out flaws in each other and ourselves. The UMC should separate. They should go their separate ways amicably and without ill will toward each other. You seem to have lots of ill will toward the WCA. It's truly sad.

Sarah 4 days ago

Let us consider...

What is the reason for the WCA to exist at all? From their website it is apparent it exists for one reason only: to organize right-wing elements in the church into a surreptitious paper organization to foment extremism and serve as a shadow denomination should they continue losing their grip on the UMC and thereby be in place as a real denomination the moment they decide to exit. You don't have to be a detective to see that handwriting on the wall. Smith doesn't demonize this faction; he merely calls it what it is.

George Nixon Shuler 1 day ago

Notable Quotes

It’s over because I recently, and freely, resigned my chair in Catholic Theology at Duke University in response to disciplinary actions initiated by my dean and colleagues. Those disciplinary actions, in turn, were provoked by my words: critical and confrontational words spoken to colleagues in meetings; and hot words written in critique of university policies and practices, in support of particular freedoms of expression and thought, and against legal and disciplinary constraints of those freedoms. My university superiors, the dean and the provost, have been at best lukewarm in their support of these freedoms, preferring to them conciliation and accommodation of their opponents. And so, I reluctantly concluded, the word-struggle, the agony of distinction and argument, the search for clarity by dramatizing and exploring difference—these no longer have the place they once had in the university.


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