The Stoning of Dr. Blasey Ford



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And the rest of the story that has been left out

Is that Kavanaugh has been vetted by the FBI many times and nothing like this has ever surfaced, It is only when there is nothing left to stop his nomination does this allegation come forward. Why isn't anybody questioning the motives of the Democratic Senator who had prior knowledge of this allegation for not bringing it forward sooner? Also, as passionately as Dr. Ford is sure that it was Kavanaugh that attempted to rape her at some unknown time and place, Kavanaughgh was just as passionate in his proclamation of innocence. So how do we sort out this politically motivated debacle of "she said", "he said" and intentionally suppressed information? Kavanaugh is not automatically guilty simply because he is male. One of the negative outcomes of the women's movement that has led to this #metoo insanity is that women are automatically cast as the victim and the male is always the aggressor. How is that not discrimination and bigotry?

betsy 235 days ago

Tools for discerning truth

Clearly, there are vetted tools available for evaluating this issue and discerning fact from emotion. Those tools, namely the revetting and gathering of witness statements by the FBI......with their expertise and experience, not lay views of what that looks like....are needed to elevate this debacle to a place where justice can prevail. That has been denied Dr. Ford. It has been documented she reported her concerns before Judge Kavanaugh was named as THE candidate......she called her US rep’s office as well as an encrypted line for the Washington Post when he was named as part of the “short list.” So, she was not trying to agendisize “any candidate” but rather the candidate who she says assaulted her. She has been stoned in that due process has not been allowed. Judge Kavanaugh himself could have requested that process, so we are told, but has not done so. Nor have those we have entrusted with that power. Witnesses testifying under oath adds legal accountability that can’t be upheld in letters sent by an attorney on behalf of a witness or witnesses. It provides a venue for professional questioning based on best practices. So, yes, Dr Ford indeed has common ground with Stephen. As for not coming forward years ago......the research and life experiences of these victims are well documented and accepted by our police and mental health professionals. We cannot know that road with the clarity those unaffected suggest.

Jackie Shields 237 days ago

"Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor"… Remember?

Under our Constitution, PROOF (in the form of evidence) is required to discern “false witness” from factual truth. Sad stories, ugly stories, weeping, sobbing and disgusting stories might be vineyards of emotions and empathy, but are not “truth” until proven so. Dr. Ford’s accusations certainly engender emotions, especially among those who voiced opposition to ANY nominee before any nominee was named, but without proof they are only accusations. Are they merely mistaken memories from thirty-six years ago, or are they indeed “false witness”? Only Heaven knows the truth…
Demanding truth is not stoning. It is a foundation of our system. Four witnesses who remember nothing of the Dr.’s story are not members of a “mob” any more than are we who demand that witnesses remember the facts the same as the accuser. Of course, there are so many facts that this accuser does not remember either!
Dr. Jeremy’s equating a mob’s stoning of Stephen to the pursuit of truth by those duly elected to do so on our behalf is misrepresentation of both. Dr. Ford had months, years to offer proof of her accusations, including hours on TV, with lawyers and supporters, in front of all the citizens – and she presented no proof. St. Stephen was afforded no such support, no such time and no such forum.

Reese 237 days ago


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