Macarius and the Precarious Areas (of the Heart)



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An important doctrine

As a traditionalist/Orthodox/classical Christian I absolutely believe in the inherent brokenness of humanity. But I wonder if progressives do. Here are my arguments against God ordains same gender relationships and people "choosing gender":
First, for 100 years, the American branch of The United Methodist Church has NOT possessed a single robust understanding of who God is and who we are as inherently broken people determined to have our own way.
Second, we are on the far side of a sexual revolution which introduced a new and improved sexual ethic and the church was absolutely silent.
Third, this "new and improved" sexual ethic goes against 2000 years of established Christian teaching. Note how, as cited in this article, John Wesley did not come up with anything in new; he relied on historic Christian teaching to form his understanding of God and humanity.
When it comes to sexuality, we are asking all the wrong questions. We should be reclaiming a robust theology. I realized just how theologically challenged we are when I encountered the historic Heidelberg Catechism and three very modern books about it. I wished I had encountered such clear teaching a long time ago. Compared to the erratic dribble I was taught in the Methodist/United Methodist Church, the robust theology that was made available to rank and file Germans in the 1600s was absolutely stunning. Furthermore, the Heidelberg was written because a government official wanted the Christians in his area to be on board with the high points of Christianity they had in common so hopefully they would stop fighting among themselves. Our current problem is completely different: When it comes to Christianity, everybody is working from their own understanding--we have no points in common. We may all reference God, Jesus and John Wesley but when it come to understanding who they are—and particularly what John Wesley really did—we land in completely different places about everything. And for the record, John Wesley was not a social justice warrior. Rather, the Priority #1 that Wesley never ever lost sight of was the individual and their relationship to God. If the life circumstances of the people of the societies he oversaw improved, it was because they were living in a right relationship with their creator triune God regardless of their circumstances.

betsy 280 days ago


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