Narrow Evangelism Contributes to Church Irrelevancy



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Am I "Evangelical" because I hold tight to traditional beliefs?

Understanding life is complicated enough, but understanding metaphors can be even tougher… English is my native language and while I did get good education, I am a simple man who is more focused on my life, my family, my community and my country than on a concept of “winning disciples”.
Maybe I have just believed that my example of moral living, vocal witness, church and community service and charity, plus responsible parenting covered my assignments…
Maybe I also cling too hard to that old “build on a rock, not on sand” metaphor which I always accepted as being fairly inflexible in not changing our perceptions of right vs. wrong. Things that have been “wrong” for thousands of years over many religions and many cultures, will still be wrong, in my opinion, no matter how many metaphors are thrown at them.
So, here we are: Millennials and other young, are not going to church so much. Perhaps we have failed in impressing them, or perhaps they have simply chosen other things – I’m not sure, but I am not willing to dilute my beliefs, to put aside all those teachings, to surrender that the morality I was taught was wrong in order to “win disciples” among those who don’t seem interested in the teachings we were asked to follow. I will stand on the rock on which I was baptized, rather than kneel on the sand on which the UMC now shifts (metaphorically speaking, of course). Does that make me "evangelical" or pre-historic or what?

Reese 274 days ago


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