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Wesley's take on justification

His thoughts on justification from "The Scripture Way of Salvation":

"It [justification] does not suppose any doubt of the favour of God, or any 'fear that hath torment'. It is properly a conviction, wrought by the Holy Ghost, of the sin which still remains in our heart;...the carnal mind , which 'does still remain...even in them that are regenerate;' although it does no longer reign; it has no now dominion over them. It is a conviction of our proneness to evil, of an heart bent to backsliding, of the still continuing tendency of the flesh to lust against the spirit.

"...Hence may appear the extreme mischievousness of that seemingly innocent opinion, that there is no sin in a believer; that all sin is destroyed, root and branch, the moment a man is justified. By totally preventing that repentance [justification], it quite blocks up the way to sanctification. There is no place for repentance in him who believes there is no sin either in his life or heart: Consequently, there is no place for his being perfected in love, to which that repentance is indispensably necessary."

betsy 340 days ago

No wonder the UMC is a house divided

Obviously there is only corporate/societal sin, not individual--each individual is not in need of a major overhaul. And if there is no individual sin, then it is only reasonable to believe that committed same gender relationships are on the same footing as heterosexual relationships and thus there is no reason that gays can participate in the great reformation of society because they are not guilty of individual sin. What you tout is most definitely not Wesleyan; John Wesley believed in the inherent depravity of humanity as the result of original sin and he firmly believed that the starting point of Christianity was the individual and God at work in individual lives on a daily basis. John Wesley was not a social justice warrior. This whole social justice focus as being the main thrust of Methodism is a 20th century aberration of what John Wesley put in motion.

betsy 343 days ago


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