The Wesleyan Covenant Association's Breaking of Covenant

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And this is helpful how?

I think this excerpt from a quote posted elsewhere on this website is an appropriate response to this article:

Faced with urgent crises, healthy organizations rally together to save the institution they love. Unhealthy organizations play the blame game."

– Chris Lowney, writing in "Is the Catholic Church a Capsizing Ship?" for Religion News Service.

Betsy 27 days ago

WCA Breaking of Covenant

Whew. Mark Davies' posting on the WCA is a three point sermon, with headings of "Hiss," "Boo" and "Bah." The WCA is discriminatory, exclusionary, schismatic, bigoted and "denigrates the sacred worth of all persons." The only accusation not flung at the WCA is that they call names. And yet Mark is not the spawn of Satan or tool of the Antichrist...his passion and deep concern and hope for the church can be glimpsed through the chunks of concrete he hurls as those who have principled disagreement with him on certain issues. So do keep in prayer for the Commission and hard as it may be for those of us with deep convictions, post James 1:19-20 on your wall: be quick to listen, slow to speak, slow to anger, for human anger does not work the righteousness of God."

Bob Phillips 28 days ago

Notable Quotes

Zach Hoag"These are apocalyptic times for American Christianity, in the literal sense that they are revealing times. The decline of Christian faith in the U.S. is, I believe in part, a result of this revelation. There is a deep compromise with the wealth, power and violence of the empire at work in the church in our "In another sense, though, I remain hopeful and resolute. Despite the percentage of evangelicals who voted for and support Trump, I believe we are witnessing the last angry gasps of a perspective that is coming to a necessary end as a dominant force in American society."

– Zach Hoag, author of "The Light Is Winning: Why Religion Just Might Bring Us Back to Life," interviewed by Jonathan Merritt for Religion News Service.

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