Tripped Up by Trivia

How The United Methodist Church Majors in Minors



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Normalizing Sin

Christianity and the UMC should reach out and accept all sinners into our congregations in the hope that they will hear and receive God's word. However, the UMC should not accept, normalize or promote any sin. The Bible scriptures are quite clear on the subject of sin. As Jesus said many times (paraphasing), "stop sinning, go forth and live your life according to God's word". Re-writing the Bible scriptures or the UMC's Book of Discipline is an attempt to normalize sin. Would we do it for any other sin? No.

William Dunkin more than 1 year ago

Is this a joke?

Why is this topic trivia? Is this a joke to the author? The authors contributing to Insight appear completely obsessed with this topic. Could that be why the UMC is losing so many members?

Sarah more than 1 year ago


I am getting tired of arguments in this genre. It is the old "why are you looking behind the curtain at that when we have so many other shiny objects right here to hold your interest?"
Referring to a belief that is deeply held by so many as trivia is demeaning and insulting to those who hold that view.
Jesus did not need to interrogate his disciples. He knew their character. See John 1:47.

Kevin more than 1 year ago

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