Betsy DeVos at Bethune-Cookman: Adding Insult to Injury

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Sunday is Mother's Day. My mom was religious in having dinners together as a family with 7 children. We where guided by her patient wisdom in teaching us to listen to each other until the speaker done. Then discuss our differences. It seems to me we as adults and more as Christians we should listen to the exchange of ideas. This is what civilized society does. We honor each other even people do not agree. It promotes peace. Peace promotes the expression of love even toward our enemies. Jesus was dirt a big on that idea.

David Bryan more than 1 year ago

Cookman and DeVos

Cynthia, the Black College Fund is a precious gift from the people called United Methodist and I am grateful to be its chief caretaker, cheerleader and fan. Thanks for your profound and powerful observations, and especially for your gift in memory of our mutual friend, Denise Johnson Stovall. She was my mentor and shero--I owe much of my personal and educational success to her.
I say in an upcoming editorial that Dr. DeVos and the BCU graduates both deserved better Wednesday and my heart is saddened that this day of celebration got sidetracked by this controversy. I can't say why Dr. DeVos was invited, nor is it my place to do so, I simply say this was perhaps not one of BCU's finest hour. Yes, HBCU need to win friends and influence people, and that includes those inside the new Trump administration and its often confusing cacophony of voices, however, the graduates and their families must be our first priority on Commencement Day. Thanks for your continued ministry and support.

Dr. Cynthia A. Bond Hopson more than 1 year ago


Booing is always appropriate when we do not like what we see or hear. Let's encourage more of that at all our Methodist events.

Kevin more than 1 year ago

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