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"It is impossible to eradicate or quarantine religion. Any attempt to do so would result in far more bloodshed than religious people have perpetrated throughout their long histories."


Miroslav Volf, professor of theology at Yale University, writing in The Washington Post on the implications of ISIS attacks in Paris.

"The World Methodist Council condemns the  terrorist-motivated multiple bombings, shootings, and hostage-taking attacks in Paris ... World Methodist Council General Secretary Bishop Ivan Abrahams extends the condolences of the WMC to the next of kin of those killed and to the French nation. He also calls on all people of goodwill to remember those afflicted by this tragedy in their thoughts and prayers, including investigators and officials in the ongoing investigation. May God help us work toward and realise a day when violence no longer exists."

– World Methodist Council Statement

"Together with all people of good will, of whatever religious belief, we are horrified by the depth of violence despising human lives and finding pleasure in the death of others.

"We are people who believe in Christ. Our life shall witness that Christ is the 'Prince of Peace'. He has blessed those who make peace. This shall model our answer to the terrible attacks in Paris.

– Bishop Patrick Streiff, of the UMC of Central Southern and Sourthern Europe.

Cynthia B. Astle

Cynthia B. Astle is a veteran journalist who has specialized in covering The United Methodist Church for the past 27 years. She serves as coordinator for United Methodist Insight.


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