Follow-Ups Find Changes and Hope of Reconciliation



 Notable Quotes

"We have created an abusive society. We have normalized, regularized, and routinized abuse. We are abused at work, by the very rules, norms, and expectations of our jobs, at which we are merely 'human resources,' to be utilized, allocated, depleted. We are abused at play, by industries that seek to prey on our innocence and literally 'target' our human weaknessses. And now we are abused at arm’s length, through the lightwaves, by people we will never meet, for things we have barely even said. We live in a society where school shootings are the rule, not the exception, where more people will have taken antidepressants than not…and now one where nearly everyone will have been abused on the web…for a random, off-hand, throwaway comment, an idle thought, something trivial, unremarkable, meaningless."

Umai rHaque, author, economist, slayer of zombies, from his column Bad Words as reposted on

"In light of the doctrinal commitments on the left and right, would it not be better to have a life-giving division of the church along those lines, with mutual respect and affirming each others’ Christianity, and seeking to give each other enough roots to survive and thrive?"

The Rev. Thomas Lambrecht, vice president of Good News, commenting on the Rev. Christy Thomas' blog post, "The Crucial Difference Between Schism and Division: Lessons from the Garden."

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