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I like your assessment of Heinlein's later work. He was a complex, often inspiring man full of contradictions. I had not heard of his reaction to SIASL as the hippie bible, but it surprises me not at all. Heinlein's pro-military views were mostly fueled by his own uniformed service being cut short due to his health, and oh, how his sexism so exceeded Henry Miller's. I don't have it but the movie version of his "Starship Troopers" was a hilarious sendup with clever and plucky military fascists including Casper Van Diem as the hunky narrator, Denise Richards (formerly Mrs. Charlie Sheen!), and Neil Patrick Harris as the faux-Nazi uniformed intelligence officer in a war against giant spiders from space! In contrast R.A.H.'s "The Puppet Masters" was awful on film, except for Donald Sutherland's turn as the eminense grise of a CIA type outfit, preparing him for his complete metamorphosis from young antiauthoritarian to authoritarian elder, prequeling his turn as President Snow in the "Hunger Games" movies! "Puppet Masters" the movie left out the best part of the book - the mandatory nudity to fight space parasite controlled sleeper agents sought by naked militiamen who wore only belts with a big "V" on the buckles for "Vigilante". I got me some Heinlein, Christopher Moore, Carl Hiaasen, John Norman's Gor books, everything by Vonnegut, Erica Jong, Iceberg Slim, Sinclair Lewis, Phillip Jose Farmer, and so many more, not to mention Los Bros Hernandez.

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George Nixon Shuler more than 2 years ago

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James Lung more than 2 years ago

Notable Quotes

Brian McLaren"All of us, especially people of faith, need to proclaim that white supremacy and white privilege and all other forms of racism and injustice must indeed be replaced with something better – the beloved community where all are welcome, all are safe, and all are free. White supremacist and Nazi dreams of apartheid must be replaced with a better dream – people of all tribes, races, creeds, and nations learning to live in peace, mutual respect, and neighborliness. Such a better world is possible, but only if we set our hearts on realizing the possibility."

– Brian McLaren, writing in "What I Saw in Charlottesville" on the Auburn Seminary website.

"The idea of racial (or most any other) supremacy is antithetical to that Gospel. We should remember that Jesus himself grasped for no superiority, no rank, but instead made himself a servant, giving himself in love. What we saw in Charlottesville was therefore a kind of anti-gospel, something that must be resisted, yes–but more, something that must be overcome."

– Dr. Craig Hill, dean of United Methodist-related Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University, on Facebook.

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