The Dalai Lama and Creationism

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The Dalai Lama, evolution, and science

The Dalai Lama is no fan of evolution. He said
".Despite the success of the Darwinian narrative, I do not believe that all the elements of the story are in place. To begin with, although Darwin's theory gives a coherent account of the development of life on this planet and the various principles underlying it, such as natural selection, I am not persuaded that it answers the fundamental question of the origin of life. Darwin himself, I gather, did not see this as an issue. Furthermore, there appears to be a certain circularity in the notion of "survival of the fittest." The theory of natural selection maintains that, of the random mutations that occur in the genes of a given species, those that promote the greatest chance of survival are most likely to succeed. However, the only way this hypothesis can be verified is to observe the characteristics of those mutations that have survived. So in a sense, we are stating simply this: "Because these genetic mutations have survived, they are the ones that had the greatest chance of survival."

From the Buddhist perspective, the idea of these mutations being purely random events is deeply unsatisfying for a theory that purports to explain the origin of life. ..." From "The Universe in a Single Atom: Convergence of Science and Spirituality" by H.H. the Dalai Lama.
Next with the false understanding of Christianity and science. Sir Isaac Newton, one of the greatest scientists of all time finished his "Principia Mathematica" with a praise to God, whom he rightly attributed glory to as the creator of this universe. Many scientists of Jewish, Christian and Hindu faith fill our universities.

Harvard, Yale, Princeton, William and Mary, Dartmouth all started out as religious schools to train men for the ministry. Notre Dame, Georgetown, San Francisco State, Santa Clara University and others too numerous to mention were started by and sponsored by the Catholic Church, Baylor University was begun by Baptists and there are dozens of top ranked Baptist colleges around the nation. Religion antithetical to science? Pshaw! Pshaw and balderdash!

You can get an advanced degree in physics, engineering, biochemistry, astronomy, mathematics, medicine from countless universities that have been started and are still affiliated with Christian organizations. Is Christianity, the Bible opposed to the laws of physics? Does a faith in the word of God keep one from becoming a competent doctor, mathematician, physicist?
If someone disagrees with Darwin, it's assumed they don't believe in chemistry, or the laws of gravity, or physics. Not so, there are many credentialed scientists in nearly every field who do not adhere to Darwin.

(Editor's note: Portions of this comment were removed because of ad hominem language toward the author.)

James Foard more than 2 years ago

Notable Quotes

Brian McLaren"All of us, especially people of faith, need to proclaim that white supremacy and white privilege and all other forms of racism and injustice must indeed be replaced with something better – the beloved community where all are welcome, all are safe, and all are free. White supremacist and Nazi dreams of apartheid must be replaced with a better dream – people of all tribes, races, creeds, and nations learning to live in peace, mutual respect, and neighborliness. Such a better world is possible, but only if we set our hearts on realizing the possibility."

– Brian McLaren, writing in "What I Saw in Charlottesville" on the Auburn Seminary website.

"The idea of racial (or most any other) supremacy is antithetical to that Gospel. We should remember that Jesus himself grasped for no superiority, no rank, but instead made himself a servant, giving himself in love. What we saw in Charlottesville was therefore a kind of anti-gospel, something that must be resisted, yes–but more, something that must be overcome."

– Dr. Craig Hill, dean of United Methodist-related Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University, on Facebook.

"I heard growing up that the best way to expose a dirty glass is put a clean glass next to it. Faith leaders must stand up and show a dignified, nonviolent way. ... We’ve got to come off our pulpits and out of our cathedrals and save the soul of this nation."

– The Rev. Al Sharpton on his coming "Thousand Ministers March" for justice, interviewed by Adelle Banks of Religion News Service.

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