The Great Temptation of Shunning Our Adversaries



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From Sessions' current pastor

"Rev. Wines said she’d heard from many “concerned citizens” watching “the public discourse and I’m concerned.” Noting United Methodism includes George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton, she said: “As United Methodists, we don’t require one another to march in lockstep. We engage in passionate debate over issues that sometimes divide us.” She “disagrees profoundly” with the administration’s border policy. But is also “deeply troubled by the divisions I see only growing in our culture, our nation and even our church.While clear about her own convictions, Rev. Wines said she “will not dehumanize those who are not in harmony with my deeply, passionately held beliefs. I will not write them off as objects or obstacles, but I will remember that they are flesh-and-blood humans … and I am committed to listen to them.”"

I also appreciate how the article identifies the basic differences dividing The UMC:

"The complaint against Sessions showcases theological differences between left and right in American Christianity. Church traditionalists define orthodoxy by adherence to historic doctrine and accompanying personal morals. Church liberals tout adherence to progressive social and political objectives."

betsy 325 days ago


You could accept that none of us are Jesus, we are all imperfect humans operating from different perspectives. I "suffered in silence" through 8 years of Obama--he was the duly elected President of The United States and obviously there were those that disagreed with my assessment of him. But if he or any of his staff had walked into my place of business I would have greeted them with the courtesy and respect. Just like I do with anybody that walks into my place of business. I don't understand all this anger over somebody who thinks differently than you.

betsy 326 days ago

What would Bonhoffer do?

He didn't have a restaurant. But he died for trying to overthrow fascism. Compared to that, refusing service to the Tokyo Rose of this fascist regime is certainly a minor offense.

George Nixon Shuler 330 days ago

Not quite...

Bonhoeffer died not trying to overthrow fascism but for his steadfast opposition to Nazism. Tokyo Rose was a tool of Imperial Japan, not fascist Italy. Nazism is not fascism; Imperial Japan was neither. You're far too intelligent to conflate the distinct ideologies of three aggressively expansionist, hypernationalistic regimes united in a military alliance borne more of common enemies than of common political philosophy.

John 325 days ago


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