Recovering from the Wound That Never Heals



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For a more nuanced view please read Yes, I do strongly object to persons who characterize most men as sexual predators and am forced to speak out against those who cavalierly cast aside the presumption of innocence. Rev. Thomas defamed both Justice Thomas and Judge Kavenaugh as sexual predators without presenting any shred of evidence other than her overall grievance about men in general. Neither she, nor you, I venture to guess knows Judge Kavenaugh or Professor Ford, nor were either of you in that unknown room in that unknown house 36 years ago when something may or may not have happened, so for her to defame someone, who by all accounts is a good and faithful husband and father and who is a fellow Christian, as likely guilty of being a sexual predator is grossly irresponsible at best and a politically motivated hack job at worst. In my mind, it's unChristian. I work in the system which assists victims of assault in obtaining temporary protective orders, and I can assure you that some women do lie for a variety of complicated reasons. We need to pray for and offer assistance to true victims but also never lose sight of the fact that travesties of injustice occur. Remember the Duke Lacrosse team? At least that prosecutor got disbarred. What recourse does a public figure like Justice Thomas or Judge Kavenaugh have against people like Rev Thomas who in their seething sense of grievance label them as sexual predators without there being any conviction in a court of law presumption of innocence be damned? So yes, I have no choice but to assume her screed was politically motivated in support of the party of Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Al Frankin and Keith Ellison. I'm sorry if I disgust you because she's your friend, but I guess that answers my question about why her political columns get reprinted on a website which advertisizes itself as being about the Methodist Church.

John 246 days ago

Missing the Point

I don't ordinarily respond to comments, but in this case I'm going to make an exception. Once again, I believe you have missed the point. It is your blind refusal to grant victimized women the respect their allegations deserve that angers and disgusts me, not you yourself. However, I am scandalized further by your admission that you work in the system that helps women get restraining orders, and yet you focus on the few who lie rather than the many who are victimized. I find that your response is a prime example of my conclusion: "Women and men who work for these virtues will face intense, frightening derision and resistance. We need only look at what's happening now to understand how threatening such advocacy will be to the current power structures that disbelieve women in order to continue subjugating them." Concern for both the abused and the abuser IS part of The United Methodist Church, ref. Book of Discipline Paragraph 161, subparagraphs H, I and J on domestic violence, sexual abuse and sexual harassment. Thank you for writing.

cynthiaadmin (United Methodist Insight) 245 days ago

I think you miss the point

We could hash this out forever, but this will be my last comment on this post. I think it is you, Ms. Astle, that has missed the point. I do grant victims of sexual abuse respect and work to help right their wrongs. If either you or Rev. Thomas have been victimized in the past, I am sincerely sorry for your pain and your having had to undergo such a demeaning experience. That still does not give you or any other female victim the right to defame someone on-line without knowing the facts about an alleged incident or to label persons sexual predators simply because an accusation has been made. I don't dwell on those women who do not tell the truth or the whole story but I'm not blind to the fact that it happens more frequently than those who don't work in the area care to believe, but that is why we have the presumption of innocence in this nation. I challenge you to re-read Rev. Thomas' article and point out where she exhibited any modicum of respect or concern for Judge Kavanaugh in her words or tone. If you will take the time to read the link I suggested, you will see how some tactics being employed by some women who may or may not have been victimized is hurting the cause of bringing real sexual predators to justice. Enough said. God Bless.

John 245 days ago

Still disrespectful

John, you try and sound respectful but you most certainly are not. You state, "if you have been victimized in the past." She was victimized - she said so! Let's quit disbelieving our sisters, going to any extent to defend the men, and work for justice and healing. Your comments fall far short of justice and healing I am afraid.

Bill 240 days ago


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