We Are All Afraid in the UMC. Great. Can We Move On Yet?



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My Fear

As an LGBT Methodist, I fear being raped by conservative christians. This is, unfortunately, a realistic fear.

No matter what individual UMC members might believe, rightly or wrongly, about the LGBT community, all caustic anti-LGBT language and policies must be extinguished from the UMC, if for no other reason than to preclude the fanning of LGBT hatred.

I have a right to exist and worship without fear. God loves me, too.

Ben 51 days ago

Let not your heart be troubled...

There are plenty of United Methodists fighting for full inclusion of LGBTs. I believe we will succeed in removing the hateful language within a decade.

There is no further need to dialogue with those bigoted against our LGBT brothers and sisters. If they were people acting ethically they would change their position.

We are kind of like the guy in an old (and racist) joke. He was a regular diner at a restaurant [ethnicity of owner omitted to excise racist content]. Every time he and his wife came in they were greeted by the owner.

Once, the guy came in by himself. He owner asked him, "Where is your lovely wife?"

He answered, "We're divorced now."

The owner responded, "You're better off without her."

Likewise we will be better off without the right-wing cauci in our midst.

George Nixon Shuler 48 days ago

Notable Quotes

Brian McLaren"All of us, especially people of faith, need to proclaim that white supremacy and white privilege and all other forms of racism and injustice must indeed be replaced with something better – the beloved community where all are welcome, all are safe, and all are free. White supremacist and Nazi dreams of apartheid must be replaced with a better dream – people of all tribes, races, creeds, and nations learning to live in peace, mutual respect, and neighborliness. Such a better world is possible, but only if we set our hearts on realizing the possibility."

– Brian McLaren, writing in "What I Saw in Charlottesville" on the Auburn Seminary website.

"The idea of racial (or most any other) supremacy is antithetical to that Gospel. We should remember that Jesus himself grasped for no superiority, no rank, but instead made himself a servant, giving himself in love. What we saw in Charlottesville was therefore a kind of anti-gospel, something that must be resisted, yes–but more, something that must be overcome."

– Dr. Craig Hill, dean of United Methodist-related Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University, on Facebook.

"I heard growing up that the best way to expose a dirty glass is put a clean glass next to it. Faith leaders must stand up and show a dignified, nonviolent way. ... We’ve got to come off our pulpits and out of our cathedrals and save the soul of this nation."

– The Rev. Al Sharpton on his coming "Thousand Ministers March" for justice, interviewed by Adelle Banks of Religion News Service.

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