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Way Forward

"Rev. Renfroe’s confidence in the defeat of the One Church Model favored by a substantial majority of our bishops, which he and his allies like to call “the Local Option,” may be on target "
If the Bishops' proposed way forward is not likely to pass why are they proposing it? And will we ever see the actual vote results from the Bishops? How many actually voted for this way forward?
The One Church Plan looks like the Split Church Plan to me.

Kevin 287 days ago

Way Forward

I think the COB is making a mistake by not sharing the actual vote counts but I have agreed not to do so myself until the decision is made by the body and/or its leadership. Suffice it to say for now that the vote numbers and the percentage of those voting for the "One Church Plan" was a lot larger than you might suspect and the vote for the "Traditional Model" was surprisingly small. Small but persistent.

Bill Lewis 282 days ago


Shows how out of touch the COB is with the UMC membership and reinforces how wholesale changes are needed in the UMC leadership

Steve 281 days ago

States rights!

Annual conferences are essentially states. This argument is a variant of the states rights argument. Pretty ironic if you ask me.

Chad 288 days ago

The One Church Plan is simply

The save the clergy pension plan. The Traditionalist Plan:

1. Follows Biblical teachings.
2. Maintains the BOD.
3. Results in wholesale changes to the leadership of the UMC.
4. Presses the “Reset” button on the Secular Humanism that pervades our denomination.
5. Returns us to Evangelism instead of Social Justice.

Sounds Perfect!

Steve 283 days ago


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