What Will They Think of Next? Churches For People of Different Political Persuasions?



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We are already there

And the shooting has commenced long ago.

What is the Pulse nightclub mass shooting besides the logical extension of hatred spouted from pulpits?

What is mass murder at the Sikh Temple in Wisconsin?

What is Dylan roof's massacre of an African-American Bible study group?

What is every clinic bombing?

What is the Comet Pizza attack?

What is Jim David Adkisson's attack on a Unitarian-Universalist Church which assisted his abused ex-wife?

What are the mass femicides of Eliot Rodger, Mark Lepine, and other male supremacists?

Northern Ireland was an oasis of peace compared to Donald Trump's America.

George Nixon Shuler 144 days ago

Self-Protection is a Must

I am generally in agreement with the author.

Unfortunately, what he fails to acknowledge is that we LGBT people are 'fighting' to protect ourselves from those who seek to preclude us from:

- gainful employment,
- buying homes and renting apartments,
- using public restrooms,
- having access to appropriate medical care,
- dating and marrying,
- attending public and private schools,

...etc. In other words, we are fighting for our very lives. So, at least when it comes to LGBT issues, this is not a 'war' due to a simple disagreement; this is a 'war' for our very existence.

Closer to home, those who despise or even hate our UMC GLBT members have actually inscribed their hatred of us in the Book of Discipline, in an effort to keep us from full membership and such. This is wrong. This is evil. These actions have no place in the world, let alone in the UMC.

This must stop.

So, inclusion? Yes, absolutely. I am happy to share my UMC church with those who believe differently, even with those who believe me to be the scum of the Earth because I exist - due to no fault of my own - on the GLBT continuum. Who I REFUSE to live with are those who insist upon enshrining their hatred of me in the Book of Discipline and so deprive me of my full rights as a UMC member, or even as a human being worthy of physical existence.

Ben 294 days ago


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