Why Are 'Traditionalist Compatibilists' So Hard to Find?

One Way to Look at the UMC's Conflict on Homosexuality



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Another Wesleyan take on our inherent brokeness

Also found at

It is the invitation that I responded to after the church left me more broken and confused than when I first walked in the door.

"Plead thou no works, no righteousness of thine own! No humility, contrition, sincerity! In nowise. That were, in very deed, to deny the Lord that bought thee. No: Plead thou, singly, the blood of the covenant, the ransom paid for thy proud, stubborn, sinful soul. Who art thou, that now seest and feelest both thine inward and outward ungodliness? Thou art the man! I want thee for my Lord! I challenge "thee" for a child of God by faith! The Lord hath need of thee. Thou who feelest thou art just fit for hell, art just fit to advance his glory; the glory of his free grace, justifying the ungodly and him that worketh not. O come quickly! Believe in the Lord Jesus; and thou, even thou, art reconciled to God."

Betsy more than 1 year ago

Traditional Compatibilists are hard to find

Because we believe in the inherent brokenness of humanity. As John Wesley states it, humanity is infected with original sin.The progressive view of humanity is that it is inherently good. It is this difference in the perspective of humanity that has created the great sexuality debacle.

John Wesley's thoughts on the matter from the final paragraph of his sermon "Original Sin", which is part of our foundational documents, can be found at

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Betsy more than 1 year ago

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