Why Would Anti-Racist Training Be Threatening to a White Seminary Professor?



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The only thing whacky or post-truth here is your perspective, Morgan. The title here is a great example of someone using an "outrageous assertion" (or at least the dishonest power of an inflammatory headline) to try to "reshape reality." Implying that a white man feeling threatened is a non-starter, and therefore whatever Griffiths' arguments are they cannot be valid, is as close-minded as the caricature you make of Griffiths.

The truth is, yes, there should even be healthy boundaries applied to race-relations training. There are forms of such training that are coercive, hostile, and fruitless. There is a quantity of such training that, when exceeded, hinders the benefits because the audience is simply over-inundated (nevermind the time required). There is also the misunderstood base assumption that anti-racist training actually impacts racist tendencies. My research bears out that we will never ferret out human bias through training, legislation, or policy. Nevermind that imposing these trainings on people can be counter-productive because it feels coercive and therefore puts people on the defensive, and nevermind that some of those you mandate to take training are already not racist whatsoever. Anti-racism training is not always, wholesale beneficial. That seems to me Griffith's primary stance.

He is also identifying the scope creep that is taking place in the American academy, where progressive politics is becoming more central than the very specific disciplines that institutions claim to major in. It's an erosion of academic integrity, to automatically assume that a divinity school MUST obsessively attend to forcing it's faculty/students into the proper progressive humanist mindset. It is a fundamentally partisan assumption, from the school of progressive constructionism, that the enlightened few must build powerful systems to require the general populace to become adequately enlightened. This is so ethnocentric, and myopic, that it is staggering.

Well done​ to Professor Griffiths fo challenging the institution.

Archie Williams 100 days ago

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