Will the Real United Methodists Please Stand Up?



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An excellent analysis

Thanks you for your words on this. Perhaps it is more important to consider who Jesus is in our midst and see if we can unify around him. With such a wide range of Christology within the UMC, the question raised by Jesus, "Who do you say that I am?" is crucial. I find it rather strange that homosexual clergy have become more of an issue than whether or not we confess that Jesus is the bodily resurrected Messiah.

Gary more than 1 year ago


You are correct that the UMC has been in a circular firing squad for 30 years. This is true. I left the UMC years ago after realizing they had nothing to offer.

Sara more than 1 year ago


Finally somebody defines The Problem! After monitoring GC2012, my image of the church was a gianormous square raft with umpteen oars lining the sides each paddling the best it knows how. After spending the next 4 years monitoring every voice I could find, that image changed to water spilled on the floor going every which way; by the time GC2016 rolled around the image was a bunch of cats with their tails tied together. There is absolutely no way forward until there is an acknowledgement that we are a theological mess. Which takes me to my most recent image: the church is playing a game of musical chairs--everybody is fighting each other for a place to sit with their own particular views of what the church is and in the process shoving the other person out of the way.

Betsy more than 1 year ago


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