"A Way Forward"

The Rev. Jeremy Smith describes how he sees that moderates and “Middle Methodists” are on the menu for the next three years of United Methodism. more

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Bishops Statement

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The Council of Bishops will need more time to go through some 300 recommendations before it can appoint members to the "A Way Forward" Commission, writes Diane Degnan of United Methodist Communications. more

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As the bishops' special commission on "A Way Forward" organizes, what could the sirens all around us be telling The United Methodist Church about its purpose in these times? more

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Questioning Duo

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The Rev. Paul T. Stallsworth asserts that the Council of Bishops' commission on A Way Forward needs to come up with an "ecclesiology," or doctrine of the church, for United Methodism more

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Dr. David W. Scott of the collaborative blog UM & Global reminds us that the special commission on the Council of Bishops' "A Way Forward" proposal will consider more than the debate over human sexuality. more

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Doctor Diagnosis

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The Wesleyan Covenant Association is rightly named as “fanning fears of schism” in a recent bishops' letter, but they are not the cause of it, writes the Rev. Jeremy Smith. more

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Bishops Statement

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Amid growing concerns about the denomination's stability, the United Methodist Council of Bishops outlines a plan to respond to the divisive debate over the acceptance of homosexual practice. more

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Bishop Ough Remarks

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Council of Bishops president Bruce R. Ough tells United Methodist News Service what he thinks might happen next after the election and consecration of openly lesbian Bishop Karen Oliveto. more

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Barbed Wired

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Rather than try to avoid it or cut loose, the Council of Bishops' "A Way Forward" offers an opportunity to use a thorny subject as a way to build connection, writes the Rev. Jason Valendy. more

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If "the middle" takes charge of the conversation, the bishops' "A Way Forward" special commission has a chance to achieve unity for The United Methodist Church, writes the Rev. Dan R. Dick. more

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The Rev. Mike Slaughter finds that Christians' disagreement over the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality brings an opportunity to put selfless love above political or theologicaly ideology. more

Practicing Faith

Reluctantly, the Rev. Stephen Rankin weighs in on the current schism debate, finding that the Hamilton-Slaughter proposal, "A Way Forward," really doesn't represent the "Methodist middle" as well as it claims. more