2016 General Conference

Even with a clever name change to market the plan better, what has been known as the "Traditionalist" Plan is what the UMC lives with now, says the Rev. Jeremy Smith. more

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United Methodist bishops have confirmed that three of five proposed constitutional amendments have been adopted by the required two-thirds majority of aggregate voting by annual conferences worldwide. more

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Women Bishops

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The women bishops of the United Methodist Council of Bishops express the full body's dismay at the narrow defeat of two constitutional amendments intended to protect the status of women and girls in church and society. more

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UMW Speak

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Yes, I make mistakes, and I try to correct them and keep going. more

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CT Small Group

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United Methodist layman Lonnie D. Brooks traces the history of the proposed Option 2, previously presented by the Connectional Table at the 2016 General Conference. more

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The Judicial Council should have the authority to decide constitutional questions posed by any legal unit of The United Methodist Church, not just General Conference or the Council of Bishops. more


St. Luke Banner

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Five United Methodist congregations in Austin, Texas, plead with the Commission on A Way Forward to propose removing anti-LGBTQ stances that they say "muzzle" their ministries. more

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Bible with Cross Shadow

“Bible with Cross Shadow,” David Campbell, Flickr C.C.

The Rev. William Alberts tackles the inconsistencies in both the Bible and the Book of Discipline that underlie The United Methodist Church's stances against LGBTQ people. more

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General Conference has become an intractable body, and the Realm of God demands that United Methodists make decisions in a different way, writes the Rev. Sky McCracken. more

Ordained Ministry

Amendments to the United Methodist Church's Constitution covering gender equality, membership inclusion, delegate elections, bishop elections and bishop accountability will be voted upon this year by annual conferences. more

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Way Forward First Meeting

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Members of the Commission on A Way Forward say their first meeting was marked by a spirit of cordiality, but also sober awareness of their burden for United Methodist unity, writes Heather Hahn of United Methodist News Service. more

A Way Forward

Tanganyika Delegates

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New eruptions in The United Methodist Church's 44-year-old debate over homosexuality topped this year's list of church news as chosen by the denomination's religion communicators. more

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Standing up to the kind of hostile actions that marred a United Methodist Youth event in North Carolina requires us to exercise the very best of our Christian virtues, symbolized by a humble safety pin, writes Cynthia B. Astle. more

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Pause for Prayer

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The Council of Bishops has announced it intends to call a special General Conference for February or March 2019, and has set up a global program to involve all United Methodists in conversations and prayers for A Way Forward. more

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Loving God

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A little historical perspective helps assess the potential of the Wesleyan Covenant Association to change the global United Methodist denomination to its liking. more

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Way Forward Ough

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An imbalance between lay nominees and clergy and bishop nominees for the Commission on a Way Forward has prompted an online petition asking the Council of Bishops to rethink the composition of the membership. more

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The unofficial social-action network for United Methodists has decided to strengthen its participation on reproductive rights after the 2016 General Conference voted to pull out of an organization it helped to start. more

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Holy Resurrection Church

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Church politics, marked by a drive for doctrinal purity, have disheartened United Methodist layman Geoffrey Kruse-Safford to the point that he's stopped going to worship. more

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Its drive to achieve doctrinal purity -- whether from right or left -- will destroy The United Methodist Church unless it can recover the virtue of messy hospitality, predicts the Rev. Christy Thomas. more

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UM & Global, the collaborative blog of United Methodist Professors of Mission, is inviting scholarly reflections on a document about the nature of the church approved by the 2016 General Conference. more

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