2019 General Conference

United Methodist bishops in the Philippines issued a statement saying that schism "would be harmful to many of those who call The United Methodist Church their spiritual home." more

A Way Forward

The Rev. Dr. Christy Thomas sees the "Traditional Plan" as a classic "mean girl manifesto, like 'If you don’t follow MY rules, I will kick you out of the group.'” But she fears it will triumph at the 2019 General Conference. more

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Bishop Thomas Bickerton says delegates to the special 2019 General Conference should "let God do what God does best" in Way Forward deliberations, in the latest UMNS video installment. more

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The second day-long conference on creating an inclusive United Methodist Church is co-sponsored by the Mountain Sky Conference and the United Methodist Association of Retired Clergy. more

A Way Forward

Missions such as campus ministries will suffer greatly if the UMC divides, but the Rev. Morgan Guyton hopes that traditionalists threatening schism will think in terms of mission rather than doctrinal control. more

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Don't be fooled by the Wesleyan Covenant Association's announcement about making a "new Methodist movement," because its real goal is the takeover of The United Methodist Church, warns the Rev. Jeremy Smith more

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The Council of Bishops concluded its semiannual conclave by releasing statements on leadership, racism, and immigration among other topics. more

Finance and Administration

In the midst of turbulent times, Bishop Kenneth Carter encouraged the Council of Bishops to try to view The United Methodist Church's future "through the lens that Scripture gives us." more

Finance and Administration

There is a way to find peace, vitality, and unity in mission in the UMC by recognizing that many viewpoints offer truth. But such admittance is anathema to some, writes the Rev. Dr. Christy Thomas. more

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Our church and society are permeated with lies, half-truths and deceptions, but the way of Jesus is to tell the truth, writes the Rev. Richard Lowell Bryant. more


The Wesleyan Covenant Association began work Nov. 2 on developing a new Methodist movement, depending on the decisions of the 2019 General Conference. more

A Way Forward

The Rev. Dr. Christy Thomas examines what makes The United Methodist Church so vulnerable to its own dysfunction as an organization, and what that bodes for its future. more

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A former church leader thinks The United Methodist Church is headed for a no-fault divorce over irreconcilable differences – and that may be not be as bad a thing as it's feared. more

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Christ United, one of the largest congregations in the South Carolina Annual Conference, says it refuses to take sides in the debate over homosexuality. more

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Directors of the UMC's social-action arm endorse no Way Forward model, but urge the church to remember its common values, especially social holiness that "invites us to remain united in our service to God and neighbor." more

A Way Forward

The Judicial Council didn't endorse any of the three models from the Commission on A Way Forward's report, but ruled on the constitutionality of petitions related to the options. Now comes the strategizing by plan backers. more

A Way Forward

Delegates and observers can pre-register through the Commission on the General Conference website, while media registration will be handled by United Methodist Communications. more

A Way Forward

Longtime United Methodist leader Lonnie Brooks finds the Rev. Keith Boyette's analysis of the Way Forward Traditionalist plan "important," but it also holds some serious concerns. more

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The Traditionalist Plan still threatens The United Methodist Church because the Judicial Council has given its supporters word-for-word corrections to make it constitutional, writes the Rev. Jeremy Smith. more

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The Judicial Council's unanimous ruling clears the way for the One Church Plan -- the model recommended from the Way Forward report – to proceed to the special 2019 General Conference in February. more

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