2020 General Conference

Centrist and progressive candidates sweep General Conference delegate elections in four annual conferences on one day. Read more

UMC Future 9 Comments

The Rev. Jeremy Smith shares guidelines developed by the Pacific Northwest Annual Conference on how to actively resist the Traditional Plan. Read more

Local Church 1 Comments

Churches that want to leave the United Methodist denomination face large payouts for clergy pensions and other church-wide financial obligations, reports Heather Hahn. Read more

UMC Future 11 Comments

Latest tallies on General Conference elections; one LGBTQ leader departs and another "rides the circuit." Read more

UMC Future 16 Comments

The Room for All Coalition prepared a slate of candidates with centrist and progressive stances toward full inclusion of LGBTQ people in the UMC. Read more

UMC Future 3 Comments

Annual Conferences that haven’t seen a progressive delegate to General Conference since FOREVER are sending half or more of their delegations from the progressive/centrist coalition. The Rev. Jeremy Smith plumbs its meaning. Read more

Jeremy Smith 2 Comments

Amid growing jubilation over annual conference elections of centrist and progressive delegates to General Conference 2020, the Rev. Eric Folkerth points out the political realities still to come. Read more

Perspectives 12 Comments

General Conference 2020 representation by U.S. traditonalist delegates has dropped by 20 percent in recent elections, according to Good News vice president Thomas Lambrecht. Read more

UMC Future 13 Comments

United Methodist leaders are pressing ahead with an effort to create a new decision-making body for U.S. matters — despite concerns that it will become another battlefront in the homosexuality debate. Read more

2020 General Conference 2 Comments

The fallout of the special General Conference has slowed the years-long effort to specify which United Methodist policies can be adapted in Africa, Europe and Asia, writes Heather Hahn of United Methodist News Service. Read more

General Conference 2019 1 Comments

GC Plenary 2016

Photo by Mike DuBose, UMNS

Dr. David W. Scott analyzes the latest United Methodist membership numbers in light of their implications for the 2020 General Conference. Read more

Global Nature

GC Plenary 2016

Photo by Mike DuBose, UMNS

There's a two-delegate difference between the delegate counts for the coming 2020 General Conference and the 2016 session. Read more

2020 General Conference

Delegate count and other details of the 2020 General Conference were addressed at the recent meeting of the UMC agency charged with organizing and operating the global lawmaking assembly. Read more

2020 General Conference