An encounter with another Christian in the men's restroom brings the Rev. Jason Valendy a rare sermon. more

Practicing Faith

3 Ways to Meditate

UM Insight Screencap

Rev. Jack Shitama introduces three simple ways to connect with God every day that will relieve anxiety and replenish energy for daily life. more

Practicing Faith

We need not go looking afar for our place of spiritual refuge through these tumultuous times, because it's right there within us, writes the Rev. Irvin J. Boudreaux. more

Practicing Faith

Moyo Living

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Dr. David W. Scott reviews Moyoliving, a new tool from Upper Room for young people interested in connecting spirituality and social justice. more

Practicing Faith

Chimney Rock

Photo Courtesy of Jim Burklo

The Rev. Jim Burklo contemplates our constant human impulse, through books and other writings, to try describe the "ineffable divinity" of our spiritual connections. more

Practicing Faith

Choco Crop

Image by Elena Enciso Courtesy of UMC LEAD

Seminarian Gabe Horton takes his cue from author Anne Lamott in creating 4 resolutions truly worth keeping in 2015. more

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  • Despair Or Hope Directions On A Signpost

    Despair Or Hope Directions On A Metal Signpost