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Creation care is one of the most pressing political, social, cultural, and religious issues of our time, and while mission workers have given it more attention, there's much more to do, writes Dr David W. Scott. Read more

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Parliament of the World's Religions adds care for the Earth to its 25-year-old declaration, Global Ethic. Read more

Global Nature

Do we need God when all our “needs” are met? Do we need God when we no longer operate out of an economy of scarcity or of a need to appeal an all-powerful deity to stay alive? wonders the Rev. Dr. Christy Thomas as she continues up the Amazon River. Read more

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United Methodists join the World Council of Churches encouraging the planet's 2.2 billion Christians to observe the five-week-long Season of Creation emphasizing action on climate change and care for the Earth. Read more

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Why not mine the Arctic for resources? Because humans are not the sole inhabitants of God’s Earth, writes the Rev. Tom Martinez. Read more


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Our liberty to make choices in life – to choose how we embody the divine from which we are made – flows to us from God's grace, writes Tripp Hudgins. Read more

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UM & Global provides a round-up of recent United Methodist resources on caring for God's creation. Read more

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A missionary with experience in rural Africa, the Rev. Pat Watkins finds that her life as a follower of Jesus deepened as she began to connect with the seasons and life of Planet Earth. Read more

Season of Creation

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Christians of many traditions will join in a worldwide observance Sept. 1 - Oct. 4 to highlight God's creation of the world and the imperative for humans to take better care of it, writes David W. Scott of UM & Global. Read more

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Litter in Paramaribo

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The Rev. Kimberly A. Barker-Brugman focuses on Creation and the Creator as she takes a 21-day sabbatical from her appointment at Silverbrook United Methodist Church and Retreat Center in the Virginia Annual Conference. Read more