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The Church, as a product of culture, has come to rely more on a god of efficiency than the God of all time, writes the Rev. Jason Valendy. Read more

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In the last of three parts, Dr. Robert Hunt warns that, with rare exceptions, United Methodist leaders aren't getting the training in cross-cultural skills that will be essential to decision-making in a global denomination. Read more

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So long as our decision-making processes are carried out under the illusion that our patterns of decision-making are somehow a-cultural and universal, we are really just a Western church with colonies worldwide, writes Dr. Robert Hunt. Read more

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Decision-making has far more to do with culture than it does with geography, and that affects the Church, writes Dr. Robert A. Hunt for UM & Global. Read more

Global Nature

Definitions of "the church" range far and wide, but nowhere near the typical institutional understandings, writes the Rev. Andy Bryan. Read more

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