Dr. Jerome Sahabandhu

Coming from conflicted Sri Lanka, the Rev. Dr. Jerome Sahabandhu finds that Christians must become wounded healers centered on the Peace of God. more

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Christians in different countries and cultures have much to teach one another about how the gospel of Jesus Christ takes root and grows in their respective contexts, writes the Rev. Dr. Jerome Sahabandhu. more

Global Nature

Dr. King’s legacy of desegregation, racial justice, and reconciliation along with solidarity with the victims of racism are playing a role in reshaping the mission of The United Methodist Church, writes Dr. Jerome Sahabandhu. more

Global Nature


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A January forum for global missions staff highlights the keys to using authentic dialogue as a spiritual practice: cross-cultural literacy, neighborliness, faith in relation to other faiths, and dialogue within cultures. more

Global Nature

Cambodia School Kits

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How can theologies from the margins inform and invite all United Methodists – all Christians to a genuine cross-cultural cross-geopolitical intentional hearing, dialogue and engagement? asks Dr. Jerome Sahabandhu. more

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Philippines martial law protest

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Following Jesus authentically means taking actions that run counter to prevailing culture, a move that entails significant risk, writes the Rev. Dr. Jerome Sahabandhu. more


San Juan Bautista

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Celebrating God’s visit through Jesus Christ as a mission to the universe has a significant impact on mission implications of the church, writes Dr. Jerome Sahabandhu. more

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