Recalling Pharaoh's mistakes with the Hebrews, the Rev. William D. Cotton wonders how a federal government made up of billionaires can connect with the living needs of a waitress holding down two jobs. more

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With a quote from legendary Methodist evangelist E. Stanley Jones, the Rev. Laura Felleman offers a Christian perspective on the inequalities of America's current economic transition. more



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Charitable giving meets immediate needs but rarely addresses the causes that keep people in poverty and subjugation, so a deeper solidarity is needed, writes the Rev. Joerg Rieger. more

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The church is called to be a counter-cultural alternative to the consumer-driven norms dominating our society, but instead The United Methodist Church maintains the economic status quo that's hurting people, says the Rev. Richard Lowell Bryant. more

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If John Wesley's economic and social works saved England from revolution, why does The United Methodist Church remain so silent on the destabilizing economic injustice afflicting America today? more

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Alternate Economies

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The Church as Alternate Economy

The antidote to today's economic woes is for the Church to embody and model an alternative kind of economic system compared to society's consumerist capitalism, writes the Rev. Teddy Ray. more

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Rev. Jim Parsons challenges Christians and all Americans to adopt a spirit of sacrifice in order to lift the country out of its crushing debt and ensure a brighter future for rising generations. more

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A TED talk by Richard Wilkinson looks at the relationships between economics and social satisfaction. more



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Christians, Capitalism and Ayn Rand

The Rev. Teddy Ray examines how different Christian economics really is from the current debates in America, leading us to wonder: Should United Methodists attempt to apply New Testament economics to the institutional church? more

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