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Construction cranes

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Seminarian Gabe Horton finds an apt analogy for building a church from the techniques needed to put up a tall construction crane. Read more

Local Church

Looking at the distractions that brought down Rome, Gabe Horton wonders if the Church will fall because of its consumer mindset instead of a spiritual identity Read more

Black Lives Matter

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Seminarian Gabe Horton explains why it's urgent and necessary now to proclaim that "black lives matter." Read more


Choco Crop

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Seminarian Gabe Horton takes his cue from author Anne Lamott in creating 4 resolutions truly worth keeping in 2015. Read more

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Cliff Diver

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Seminarian Gabe Horton urges his fellow United Methodists to stop operating out of fear and step out in trust to proclaim God's love. Read more

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What does the future really hold for The United Methodist Church? asks seminarian Gabe Horton. God may never tell us. Read more


Trash Soccer Ball

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Churches don't need shiny new programs or old retreads, but genuine innovation using the resources they have on hand, writes seminarian Gabe Horton. Read more

Local Church


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Seminarian Gabe Horton has studied some of today's most popular hymns and discovered some expected and some surprising theological themes. Read more

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Seminary student Gabe Horton seeks ways to overcome how the demands of everyday life can keep vision from becoming reality. Read more



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Seminarian Gabe Horton comes up against one of faith's elemental truths: he's lost, and he can't find his way on his own. Read more