General Council on Finance and Administration

A decision to charge $200-per-person registration fees for the 2019 General Conference is already having the opposite effect of what the General Conference Commission intended. more

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On advice of its consultants to realign resources, the Yellowstone Annual Conference will close its Billings, Mont., office on June 30. more

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The finances of the worldwide United Methodist Church almost take an accountant to unpack, but we did our best to answer readers' questions about Discipleship Ministries' money and recent personnel cutbacks. more

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United Methodist clergy should hold tight, for now, after a U.S. federal judge struck down the law that gives clergy tax-free housing allowances. more

Ordained Ministry

Cambodia Methodist Bible School

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Directors of the General Council on Finance and Administration met in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, to get acquainted with the region, which has been a United Methodist mission initiative. more

Finance and Administration


United Methodist annual conferences had the highest level of 100 percent payout of funding for ministries beyond the local church in 20 years, according to the General Council of Finance and Administration. more

Finance and Administration

Final Attendance

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Membership figures for the United Methodist Church in the United States decline about 1.6 percent in 2015, but the top line numbers don't reflect the full reality of vital churches, writes Heather Hahn of United Methodist News Service. more

Finance and Administration

The cases of three African bishops' handling of church money leads David W. Scott to compare money management disputes with disobedience around United Methodist stances on homosexuality. more

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Using official church data, the Rev. Jeremy Smith examines the demographics of senior pastors of large-membership churches and a finds a distressing lack of clergywomen. more

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Two United Methodist bishops in Africa are facing sanctions by the denomination's financial agency for irregularities in their handling of church funds. more

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United Methodist bishops will receive a 3 percent pay raise in 2015, after approval by the General Council on Finance and Administration. more

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2012 Book of Discipline

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The United Methodist Judicial Council, the denomination's "high court," says that the General Council on Finance and Administration has the authority to grant employment benefits to same-sex couples who were married where such unions are legal. more

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John Goolsbey

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Top staff at the United Methodist General Board of Finance and Administration opt for retirement and other buy-outs as the agency sharply trims its staff and reorganizes functions. more

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UMC Retains Anti-Gay Stances

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The General Council on Finance and Administration will allow churchwide agencies to extend employee benefits to same-gender couples, but has also asked the Judicial Council for a ruling on whether the decision violates UMC anti-LGBT policy. more

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Three agencies combine efforts to use online technologies to reduce costs of various meetings as they deal with budget cuts and the demand for adaptation and accountability in the UMC. more

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Plan B

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Four groups of United Methodist leaders have issued new critiques of legislation for change coming before the 2012 General Conference more

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More annual conferences (regional units) of The United Methodist Church paid their full shares of funding for worldwide ministries in 2011. more

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The General Council on Finance and Administration has released the 2010 statistical report for The United Methodist Church. more

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A 6 percent cut in its 2013-2016 churchwide budget is proposed for The United Methodist Church more

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