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The Rev. Richard Lowell Bryant finds the concept of a Three-in-One God to be a relic of theology created for control, not from spiritual reality. Read more

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You would think if a magazine intended to print an article attacking you and your ideas, the editor might let you know. That didn’t happen with a Good News article about him, writes the Rev. Richard Lowell Bryant. Read more

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Ever challenging, the Rev. Richard Lowell Bryant contends that the idea of The Trinity -- Father, Son and Holy Spirit -- is a human theological conjecture that tries to explain the mystery of how God relates to God's self. Read more

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Trinity Sunday, observed this year on May 27, marks an important piece of Christian theology – the triune nature of God as the ever-flowing mystery of dancer and dance, writes the Rev. Bill Cotton. Read more

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Attempts to explain the Holy Trinity are not only difficult, they're impossible, writes the Rev. Richard Lowell Bryant. It's much wiser to let God deal with it. Read more


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If God's nature is threefold, then it's a mistake to focus God's work through the church solely on the ordained ministry, writes Dr. Daniel Shin in a third critique about "Wonder, Love and Praise," a proposed statement on the church. Read more

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