Stay Methodist

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If the world really does end on Sept. 23 as a "Christian numerologist" has predicted, the Rev. Richard Lowell Bryant has the Methodist angle covered in humor. more


People Laughing

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We miss a lot of the humor in Jesus' stories because they lose something in translation, but the comic aspects of life and faith are still in the Bible to be enjoyed, writes the Rev. Dr. Christy Thomas. more

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Yes, language is mutable, but sometimes well-intentioned phrases inflict more confusion than clarity, writes Editorial Chief Cynthia of The Grammar Police. more

Views from a Ridge

Worries Kill

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The Rev. Richard Lowell Bryant gives his take on a popular comedy routine. more


Ever the risk-taker, the Rev. Richard Lowell Bryant turns his tongue-in-cheek lens on common misunderstandings about who Christians are, what they believe, and how they behave. more

Practicing Faith

Stay Methodist

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In a truly Methodical way, the Rev. Richard Lowell Bryant outlines the path to the Day of Judgment. more


New Q

UM Insight Art

What if that gospel source known as "Q" actually comes from United Methodists' favorite church jargon? The Rev. Rich Peck has a humorous take on the prospect. more

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Embarrassing Christians

The Rev. Matthew Kelley has an "AHA!" moment about the embarrassing ways Christians behave that hits too close to home. more

Aug 28, 2012 4:45 PM Matthew Kelley

UMC General Conference Delegate Re-Entry Program

The Rev. Scott Parrish offers a humorous "rehabilitation program" for those returning to everyday life after the unnatural "bubble" of two weeks at General Conference. more

May 7, 2012 10:16 PM Scott Parrish