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United Methodists, including two Hispanic bishops, joined some 400 other people of faith in a demonstration on behalf of migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border. Read more

Advocating Justice

Samuel Oliver-Bruno has been deported o Mexico after being arrested when he left the sanctuary of CityWell UMC in Durham, NC, for what he was led to believe would be a citizenship appointment. Read more


The thuggish and deceptive capture of Samuel Oliver-Bruno is not only an assault on him and his family. It is also an attack on the religious liberty of faith communities that offer sanctuary as an act of worship, writes Jonathan Wilson-Hargrove. Read more

Churches are tightening their security and stepping up advocacy in the wake of a surprise ICE arrest of an undocumented man lured out of sanctuary by an immigration letter. Read more

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The Council of Bishops concluded its semiannual conclave by releasing statements on leadership, racism, and immigration among other topics. Read more

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Sponsor of teams to bring worship to detained immigrant teen-agers, Highland Park UMC in Dallas translates the youths' prayer requests into English and posts them for intercession by its members. Read more

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United Methodists from the Pacific Northwest Annual Conference conducted morning prayer as an act of public witness at the Federal Detention Center near SeaTac in Washington State. Read more

Advocating Justice

United Methodist leaders welcomed news of the halt of the Trump Administration's policy of separating immigrant families, but cautioned that the church needs to continue working for "compassionate and just" immigration reform. Read more

Advocating Justice

Is this a Bonhoeffer or Selma moment for Christians and other believers to stand up to American brutality? wonders the Rev. Richard Lowell Bryant. Read more


The U.S. immigration crisis hasn't ended with the halt of family separations, and United Methodist witness is still needed to get Congress to adopt compassionate laws, writes the Rev. Susan Henry-Crowe. Read more

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American Christians are unable or unwilling to grasp the idea that even their own nation will be judged by God for how well it takes care of the most vulnerable people, writes the Rev. Taylor Mertins. Read more

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Responding to growing fears of deportation, many synagogues, churches and other houses of worship across the country have declared themselves sanctuary congregations, offering support and shelter to those who need it most. Read more


The contrast between the biblical interpretations of the Rev. Robert Jeffress and the Rev. William Barber could not be more striking – nor more indicative of the need to watch out for using scripture to support oppression, writes Cynthia B. Astle. Read more

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Members of Allendale UMC In St. Petersburg, Fla., and their pastor, the Rev. Andy Oliver, supported immigrant Luis Blanco and are now helping his family following his deportation to Mexico. Read more

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Pew Research Center

The Pew Research Center reports that ICE immigration arrests went up 30 percent in 2017. Meanwhile, more United Methodists are actively providing sanctuary to immigrant families facing deportation. Read more

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Paul Ryan

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With people of faith – including United Methodists and his own Catholic Church – pressing for a "clean DREAM Act," House Speaker Paul Ryan faces a moral challenge over protection for undocumented adults brought to the USA as children. Read more


United Methodist advocates are working to present Dreamers as valuable members of U.S. society rather than villains and miscreants as recent political rhetoric has described them. Read more

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Wall of Faces

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Revoking DACA and adding punitive policies have effectively taken away protections for some 1.2 million immigrants, writes the Rev. Lyda Pierce of the Pacific Northwest Annual Conference, who urges churches to help. Read more

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In the midst of a brutal winter, powerless undocumented immigrants face a cold future as they are rounded up by immigration officials. They need Christians to defend them, writes the Rev. Charlie Baber. Read more