Whether you're a "conceptualist" or an "experimentalist," creativity and innovation are vital to effective church leadership, counsels the Rev. Jack Shitama. Read more

Ordained Ministry

Family Tree Denominations

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In a follow-up to his previous post on how to support innovation in the UMC, Dr. David W. Scott looks at how evangelical denominations innovate through "organizational multiplication" – making new denominations. Read more

Global Nature

Tower of Babel

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If we care about mission, how can we foster innovation in the rigid United Methodist Church, asks Dr. David W. Scott. Read more

Global Nature

Now's the time for United Methodists to focus on research and development in congregations, says the Rev. Ben Gosden, who offers five ways for local churches to put new ideas to work immediately. Read more

Local Church

Frozen Ice Winter

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Among indigenous peoples, winter is a time to make new things with resources, and the Rev. Jeremy Smith thinks The United Methodist Church can use its winter to come up with innovative ways to be Christ's body. Read more

Jeremy Smith

Straight Line

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The Rev. Dan R. Dick has been reading a lot lately about innovation and creativity, and he's come to a conclusion about what The United Methodist Church really needs now. Read more

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