Institute for Religion and Democracy

The Rev. Jeremy Smith describes how he sees that moderates and “Middle Methodists” are on the menu for the next three years of United Methodism. more

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Rings BOD cropped

Photo Courtesy of Richard L. Bryant

The Rev. Richard Lowell Bryant finds the theological perspective and General Conference aims of ultraconservative IRD cause him deep distress. more

2016 General Conference 1 Comments

The Institute for Religion & Democracy reaches an out-of-court settlement with the North Texas Annual Conference over a mailing list it purchased from the now-defunct UMR Communications. more

In the Church

A Bishop's Prayer

UMNS photo by Mike DuBose

The Rev. Steve Clunn of Methodist Federation for Social Action examines the push to have Bishop Melvin G. Talbert censured by the Council of Bishops for urging United Methodist pastors to stand up for marriage equality. more

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