The Rev. Jeremy Smith describes how he sees that moderates and “Middle Methodists” are on the menu for the next three years of United Methodism. more

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Keyboard Delete

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As American culture embraces marriage equality, conservative activists in The United Methodist Church are pushing out the perceived source of all things bad: Progressive Methodists, asserts the Rev. Jeremy Smith. more

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Split Church

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Recent protests by conservative bloggers that they don't intend to split The United Methodist Church has the Rev. Steve Harper wondering why they still feel a need to post legislative models for schism? more

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Left Turn

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The Rev. Jeremy Smith makes a case that the Connectional Table -- the UMC's ministry planning and coordinating agency -- isn't biased as some people claim. more

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Upside Down Church

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Rather than being persecuted, conservative "renewal" forces in The United Methodist Church actually dominate -- and have torn apart -- the global denomination, argues the Rev. Jeremy Smith. more

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The Rev. Jeremy Smith uses "big data" to explode false narratives about the current identity and possible future of The United Methodist Church. more

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Spotted sheep

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With her "Parable of the Spotted Sheep," the Rev. Christy Thomas examines possible outcomes if The United Methodist Church pursues doctrinal purity as espoused by the Institute on Religion and Democracy more

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The Institute for Religion & Democracy reaches an out-of-court settlement with the North Texas Annual Conference over a mailing list it purchased from the now-defunct UMR Communications. more

In the Church

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United Methodist annual conferences and individual leaders are pushing back against recent schismatic and extremist messages, while in some quarters strong stands are taken for and against acceptance of LGBT rights. more

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Tom Oden

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The Good News Movement fails its own theological guru's test of reasons to separate from The United Methodist Church, writes the Rev. Jeremy Smith. more

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The Rev. Drew McIntyre finds that his attempt to engage with the Institute for Religion and Democracy shows how the old adversarial approaches among United Methodists must give way to better methods. more

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A Letter That Captures the Heart of the Methodist Conflict

One of the latest missives from the Institute for Religion and Democracy by a retired professor outlines for the Rev. Morgan Guyton the issues at stake in the current United Methodist cultural turmoil. more

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Your Way My Way

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Covenant and Order vs. Liberty and Chaos

Somewhere beyond "your way" and "my way" is God's way for The United Methodist Church, but how do we get there? wonders the Rev. Sky. McCracken. more

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Methodist DNA

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If you can't something nice about your own church, don't go praising other traditions, says the Rev. Drew B. McIntyre about the IRD's Mark Tooley and his effusive endorsement of Calvinists. more



The Rev. Andrew Burd-Harris takes on Mark Tooley of the IRD on the subject of the morality of using drones as a military strategy. more

Feb 28, 2013 7:36 PM Andrew Burd-Harris