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One petition would have removed the right of the annual conference clergy session to rule on a clergyperson's fitness, and the other would have allowed bishops to be appointed anywhere in the world. Read more


Reconciling Ministries Network issues a statement of continued support for the Rev. David Meredith, an openly gay United Methodist pastor whose case has been remanded back to the West Ohio Conference by the Judicial Council. Read more

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The Rev. Gilbert H. Caldwell finds the current makeup of the multiracial international Judicial Council to be a sign of The United Methodist Church's progress in dismantling its institutional racism and sexism. Read more


The Judicial Council didn't endorse any of the three models from the Commission on A Way Forward's report, but ruled on the constitutionality of petitions related to the options. Now comes the strategizing by plan backers. Read more

A Way Forward

The Traditionalist Plan still threatens The United Methodist Church because the Judicial Council has given its supporters word-for-word corrections to make it constitutional, writes the Rev. Jeremy Smith. Read more

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The Judicial Council's unanimous ruling clears the way for the One Church Plan -- the model recommended from the Way Forward report – to proceed to the special 2019 General Conference in February. Read more

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The Rev. Jeremy Smith looks at the actions the United Methodist Judicial Council is most likely to take regarding the Way Forward proposals. Read more

Jeremy Smith

Speakers in oral arguments before the United Methodist Judicial Council insisted that constitutional guidance from the high court is crucial to the denomination's unity. Read more

A Way Forward

The United Methodist Judicial Council is being asked to help guide the denomination through its efforts to determine a model for unity amid diversity over scriptural authority and homosexuality. Read more

A Way Forward

Livestreaming of the Judicial Council oral hearings in Zurich, Switzerland will be made available through United Methodist Communications and kept online for convenient viewing from U. S. time zones. Read more

A Way Forward

Nearly 30 briefs, totaling more than 400 pages, confront the Judicial Council as it prepares to consider the constitutionality of three plans for dealing with The United Methodist Church’s schism-threatening division over homosexuality. Read more

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The request asks the Judicial Council, United Methodism's "high court," to determine the constitutionality of the three models contained in the Way Forward final report. Read more

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United Methodists are now trying to determine how best to submit legislation pertaining to the Way Forward report to the 2019 General Conference. Read more

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Members of the Judicial Council heard from two bishops, two young adults, and four other clergy and laity during a two-hour open hearing May 22. Read more

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The Judicial Council, the denomination's "high court," has been asked by the Council of Bishops to determine whether petitions from other groups can be considered at the 2019 Special General Conference on unity. Read more

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Applications by individuals related to unofficial groups seeking to be "interested parties" to the Council of Bishops' request were denied by the Judicial Council, which instead will view them as "friend of the court" briefs. Read more

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The Judicial Council secretary has confirmed the special session will take up any petitions or requests from the Council of Bishops' spring meeting. Read more

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Judicial Council President Oswald Tweh is drawn into a political war of words in his native Liberia that disquiets United Methodists who remember the country's 12-year civil war. Read more

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