Kathy L. Gilbert

Clergy and laity from the "Methodist Middle" have formed a network with the intention of encouraging The United Methodist Church to stay together, writes Kathy L. Gilbert of United Methodist News Service. more

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Alex de Silva Souto

Photo by Mike DuBose, UMNS

Spectators were prayerful, tuneful and respectful outside the April 25 public oral argument hearings before the Judicial Council regarding the Western Jurisdiction's election of openly lesbian Bishop Karen Oliveto. more

Finance and Administration

Kathleen McMurray

Photo by Amy Forbus, Arkansas United Methodist

United Methodist clergy join their fellow Arkansans in protesting the state's plans to execute seven men by April 27, reports Kathy L. Gilbert. more

Refugee Vigil

Photo by Alexa Malishchak, Nashville Community Defense, via UMNS

United Methodists are among religious leaders who have called for welcoming the 66 million displaced people in the world along with opposing the Trump Administration's revised travel ban announced March 6. more

Advocating Justice

Duke Students

Photo Courtesy of Duke Photography

Duke University in Durham, NC, Emory University in Atlanta and now Boston University say President Trump's immigration order has substantially harmed their schools' functioning because it targets both staff and students. more

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Immigration Airport Demonstrations

Photo by Erik Alsgaard, Baltimore-Washington Conference

United Methodists came out in droves over the weekend of Jan. 28-29 to protest President Trump's executive order banning refugees from seven Muslim countries, reports Kathy L. Gilbert of United Methodist News Service. more

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FUMC Portland

Photo by Mark Ohlson, courtesy of First United Methodist Church

A group of United Methodist laity has forwarded a letter and petition asking the Council of Bishops to increase the number lay members on the Commission on a Way Forward, which will review sexuality stances and unity ideas. more

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Bishop Ough Remarks

Photo by Mike DuBose, UMNS

Council of Bishops president Bruce R. Ough tells United Methodist News Service what he thinks might happen next after the election and consecration of openly lesbian Bishop Karen Oliveto. more

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Oliveto Carcaño Stanovsky

Photo by Charmaine Robledo, Mountain Sky Episcopal Area.

Kathy L. Gilbert of United Methodist News Service reports on the consecration of openly lesbian Bishop Karen Oliveto and reaction to her election. more

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Filipino Farmers

Photo courtesy of Gladys P. Mangiduyos, UMNS

Farmers in the Philippines seeking food and reform are being sheltered by The United Methodist Church after Filipino military forces fired on their protest. more

, Ministry with the Poor

Prayer beads

Photo illustration by Kathleen Barry, United Methodist Communications

Delegates to the 2016 General Conference will be bathed in prayer by United Methodists all around the world, according to a campaign set up by The Upper Room. more

2016 General Conference

Eunice Mathews

A UMNS file photo by Mike DuBose

One of the 20th century's outstanding missionary figures, Eunice Jones Mathews had a significant ministry paralleling those of her evangelist father and bishop husband. more

In the Church

Jim Dorff Teaching

UMNS File Photo by Mike DuBose

Rio Texas Bishop James E. Dorff has resigned after admitting he had "not upheld" his marriage and ordination vows. more

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Gissendaner Sign

Photo by Claire A. Lennox via United Methodist News Service

Many United Methodists, including some from UMC-related Candler School of Theology, worked and prayed to stop the Sept. 29 execution of Kelly Gissendaner, writes Kathy L. Gilbert of United Methodist News Service more

Advocating Justice

Reaction to vote on sexuality

UMNS Photo by Mike DuBose

Annual Conferences are preparing human sexuality legislation for the 2016 General Conference ranging from stiffer penalties for performing same-sex marriages to removing condemning language from the Book of Discipline. more

In the Church

United Methodists, including two Hispanic bishops, joined some 400 other people of faith in a demonstration on behalf of migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border. more

Advocating Justice

United Methodists seek to go behind harsh rhetoric to find out the truth about migrant caravans headed to the United States. more

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An international congregation of sorts has grown up around the wall near Tijuana, Mexico, and San Diego, California, as United Methodists and Mexican Methodists minister to deportees and their families. more

Advocating Justice

Find out what it's like at the U.S.-Mexico border in this feature article by Kathy L. Gilbert of United Methodist News Service, with photos by Mike DuBose more

Three Native Americans – two of them United Methodist clergy – pray outside the facility for the welfare of detained children housed in the Casa Padre Child Detention Center in Brownsville, Texas more

Advocating Justice

Delegates hope that the Holy Spirit will inspire the specially called 2019 General Conference with wisdom regarding plans for church unity, but they still have preferences among the three models. more

A Way Forward

Living Wage

Photo by Mike DuBose/UMNS

The United Methodist Women's Assembly kicks off with a demonstration on behalf of a fair living wage and proclamations of hope as it celebrates 150 years of women's mission work. more

Practicing Faith

United Methodists gather in Washington, D.C., to participate in a national anti-racism event marking the 50th anniversary of the assassination of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. more

Advocating Justice

United Methodist black leaders who worked with or knew Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. reflect on the gains and challenges of racial justice in the half-century after King's assassination April 4, 1968. more

Advocating Justice

NCJ Appeals Committee

Photo by Kathy L. Gilbert, UMNS

A jurisdictional appeals committee has sent complaints against the Rev. David Meredith, a gay pastor who married his longtime partner, back to the West Ohio Conference for another proceeding. more

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David Meredith Appeal

Photo by Kathy L. Gilbert, UMNS

The North Central Jurisdiction Committee on Appeals has 20 days to decide if the West Ohio process rightly dismissed two charges against the Rev. David Meredith, a gay pastor who married his longtime companion in 2016. more

Ordained Ministry

A United Methodist teacher who accompanied students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School to the Florida state capital says she supports the teens' efforts at convincing lawmakers to legislate better gun safety. more

Advocating Justice

Florida Bishop Ken Carter has urged United Methodists to contact state and federal officials to seek legislation that will curb gun violence. more

Advocating Justice

After struggling with a decline in giving, the contributions of United Methodists near and far have put the Yellowstone Annual Conference back on a solid financial footing. more

Finance and Administration

United Methodist advocates are working to present Dreamers as valuable members of U.S. society rather than villains and miscreants as recent political rhetoric has described them. more

Advocating Justice

Fired by his North Carolina congregation as choir director for being gay, United Methodist Ryan Mould and his supporters contend that the Book of Discipline doesn't say his orientation bans him from church leadership. more

Local Church 2 Comments

The pastor of Ojai United Methodist Church shares her experience of escaping one of the wildfires current raging around Los Angeles. more

Global Health, Disasters & Climate Change

Mugabe Leave

Photo via UMNS

United Methodists in Zimbabwe ask for continued prayers as their nation emerges from the 37-year rule of former president Robert Mugabe. more

Global Nature

Calif. Wildfires Before & After

Photos by Sue Larson, courtesy of the Rev. Blake Busick

Recovery from recent wildfires in Northern California will be long and hard, especially in Santa Rosa where the local United Methodist congregations has some 20 families who lost their homes and all their possessions. more

Global Health, Disasters & Climate Change