The passing of Billy Graham and Jesus' confrontation with Satan in the wilderness led the Rev. Jim Harnish to some reflections on the version of Christianity that is being promoted by Billy's son Franklin and other "evangelicals." Read more

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Lent is the time when Christians should ponder whether all the self-help programs in the world can do what only God can do, writes the Rev. Jason Valendy. Read more

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The Rev. Jim Parsons plans to observe Lent 2018 by daily tweeting a truth about what life is like as a pastor – and where he finds God in the midst of ministry Read more

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The Gospel has never been about easy answers to complex issues. Lent provides an occasion to look intentionally at the whole of our life and our faith, writes the Rev. F. Richard Garland. Read more


Lent is a time when we can learn how to be patient enough to recognize God's presence in our everyday lives, writes the Rev. Jim Parsons. Read more

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A Lenten series prepared by Discipleship Ministries staff. Read more

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Lent reminds us that even in suffering we must not give up, but keep moving toward God, writes the Rev. F. Richard Garland. Read more

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Vietnam Women's Memorial

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The Vietnam Women's Memorial outside her office in The United Methodist Building in Washington, D.C., inspires the Rev. Susan Henry-Crowe to reflect on the compassion, strength and pain encountered in life. Read more

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Digital Lent

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Digital devices are just like any other physical tool that accompanies religion – you have to learn how to use them to get the most benefit, writes Heidi A. Campbell of Texas A&M University. Read more

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Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to bind up America’s identity with Christianity in the first place, says the Rev. Richard Lowell Bryant. What if, for Lent, we started giving up some of the America in American Christianity? Read more


Lent gets a bad rap as a time of restrictions and denial, but the Rev. Dr. Frederick W. Schmidt sees Lent more as a time of spiritual journey into a closer relationship with God. Read more

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Mardi Gras

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After the past year's dispiriting events, Cynthia B. Astle yearns for a Mardi Gras that celebrates humanity's place in God's wondrous creation. Read more

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The penitential season of Lent may be the last thing American Christians want to observe in the midst of the nation's current turmoil, but faith is strengthened by a sojourn in the wilderness, writes the Rev. Anne Robertson. Read more

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Instead of ignoring the more troubling aspects attributed to God, the Rev. Richard Lowell Bryant would prefer to deal with them directly to get a complete picture of the divine personality. Read more

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Prodigal Homecoming

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Lent is a long slog, but finishing the season of prayer and reflection can feel like the grace of the prodigal son's homecoming, writes the Rev. F. Richard Garland. Read more

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Fear Is a Liar

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Lent is the time when we learn to cast off the shackles of fear by living in God's household, writes the Rev. Richard Lowell Bryant. Read more

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The Rev. F. Richard Garland counsels using the Psalms as a guide to a Lenten observance that seeks the deeper wisdom of God's love over the inner voice of criticism. Read more

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The Rev. Mike Slaughter suggests we could benefit – and brighten the world around us – if we fasted from being a jerk over the 40 days of Lent. Read more

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The Rev. Richard Bryant thinks Lent ends with too much violence, and he seeks a different conclusion. Read more



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In her Lenten quest to stay away from sugar, the Rev. Christy Thomas finds that limiting her diet has made her more aware of food as a spiritual discipline. Read more

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