love your enemies

It's not loving our enemies, but loving to have enemies, that plagues Christians today, writes the Rev. Jason Valendy. Read more


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Many Christians struggle with the call to love our enemies through prayer, caring and not wishing ill to befall them. Read more

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The Rev. Christy Thomas, AKA The Thoughtful Pastor, poses a challenging parable to Christians about responding to those who voted for Donald Trump as president. Read more

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Jesus Election

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Jesus had a lot to say about the kind of human attitudes that have pervaded the U.S. presidential election, and it's past time we listened to him, writes Patrick Scriven. Read more


In her moral outrage over the way liquor stores exploit their proximity to Native American reservations, the Rev. Laura Felleman is struck by a revelation: how can we love our enemies into transformation? Read more

Advocating Justice

Is there anyone that God doesn't love? And if that's so, how can we not love everyone, asks the Rev. Dan R. Dick. Read more

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Many within the Christian faith find the thought of loving those whom they hate reprehensible and repellant, even though Jesus explicitly calls his disciples to love. The Rev. Dan R. Dick explores why this is so. Read more

Perspectives Archive

Today's church has watered down the Galilean radical who ate with sinners to make him palatable for mainstream America, and a soggy Jesus serves no purpose at all, writes the Rev. Richard L. Bryant. Read more


Mystery Box

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The essence of faith is to love a mystery -- the confounding truth that God loves us without limits, and that our sole task in life is to love one another, writes the Rev. Dan R. Dick. Read more

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Love One Another

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The Rev. Dan R. Dick ponders possibly the most urgent question before the church and American society today: How do we replace mistrust, fear and similar negative emotions with the promised spiritual gifts of love, joy and peace? Read more

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The Rev. Christy Thomas finds that even though she deems the Republicans' celebrity endorser Ted Nugent behaves in ways she deems reprehensible, she's still under obligation to pray for and love him Jesus taught. Read more

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