Retired Bishop Ken Carder's wife Linda, suffering from dementia, was given a prognosis of six months to a year when she entered hospice care – 30 months ago. more

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As Dr. David W. Scott recaps his series on missional ecclesiology, he finds that love – acting out the love we have received from God through Christ, sharing it with the world, and inviting others to experience – is the reason for mission. more

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The "festering heresy" confronting The United Methodist Church isn't whether homosexual practice is sinful, but the threat to sever the essentials of the gospels – truth and love, writes retired Bishop Kenneth L. Carder. more

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Far from being a shallow concept, creating a world where love is the way poses a hard challenge to today's realities, writes the Rev. Morgan Guyton. more


Jesus calls us to love one another not to fix others to our liking, but for their own sake no matter how offensive we may find them, writes the Rev. Jim Parsons. more

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Key to "practicing the better" is to understand the formative images of the Bible – light, life and love, writes the Rev. Dr. Steve Harper. more

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John 3:16 may be worn out as the best way to witness to God's unconditional, never-failing grace and love, writes the Rev. Richard Lowell Bryant. more


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Grief is something that transcends time and can't be forced to conclude, writes the Rev. Richard Lowell Bryant. more

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In our apocalyptic times when so much corruption is being revealed, Christians need to face up to our own failings to love as Jesus teaches, writes Cynthia B. Astle. more

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Learning to love as Jesus loves takes hard work, so why should we think of the Church as an exercise-free zone? asks the Rev. Jim Burklo. more

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Loving God

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We're in a time when it's necessary to drop outmoded theologies in favor of renewing "the religion of the heart," as John Wesley put it -- our close relationship with God, writes the Rev. Dr. Steve Harper. more

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The nature of God's love is not merely existence, but insistence, writes the Rev. Jason Valendy. more

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The Civil Rights Movement has an important lesson to teach today's resisters to inhumane public policies -- how to love evil into becoming good, writes United Methodist layman Brian Snyder. more


Love One Another

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All our scriptures about welcoming strangers are important to the immigration discussion, but the overarching issue is our fear of others, writes the Rev. Craig C. Hill, dean of United Methodist-related Perkins School of Theology. more

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Festival of Lights

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Darlene DiDomenick, interim director of the Methodist Federation for Social Action, offers a message of encouragement to "justice-seekers" who may be downhearted by the events of 2016. more


In an excerpt from a recent sermon, the Rev. Jason Valendy says the book of Deuteronomy teaches us what happens when a society isn't built on values such as justice, mercy and love. more

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Love One Another

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"However we may rationalize schism as faithfulness to truth and orthodoxy, or as the cost of bold prophetic witness, the world correctly sees it as the failure to love," asserts retired Bishop Kenneth L. Carder. more

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When it comes to differing viewpoints on a possible schism of The United Methodist Church, the Rev. Andrew Burd-Harris asserts that the UMC lacks enough perspective to make any definitive decisions about its future. more

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Florida Bishop Ken Carter advocates for a broader, deeper and more accurate meaning for the much-abused word "evangelical." more

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