Living Wage

Photo by Mike DuBose/UMNS

The United Methodist Women's Assembly kicks off with a demonstration on behalf of a fair living wage and proclamations of hope as it celebrates 150 years of women's mission work. more

Practicing Faith

Dr. Philip Wingeier-Rayo discovers that the findings of a study on mission held when the UMC was formed still holds relevance to the denomination on its 50th birthday. more

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Preparing his flock for Sunday worship, the Rev. Dr. Eric Pridmore reminds us that “Jesus did not command the whole world to go to church. Jesus commanded his church to go to the whole world.” more

Practicing Faith

The journals of a 19th century Methodist missionary in Oregon give Benjamin Hartley hope that The United Methodist Church can be as open and welcoming as the missionary was. more


U.S. Jurisdictions

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Similar to the Catholic Church's practice of creating "orders" for specific missions, a missional approach to United Methodist structure could foster overall unity while encouraging innovation, writes Dr. David W. Scott. more

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College students from New Orleans will head to Mexico March 24-April 1 to build a home for a Mexican family. more

Ministry with the Poor

Aid in Philippines

Photo by the Rev. Israel M Painit via UMNS

Missiologists must engage with religious fundamentalism because what's going on in the world is important to the "missio Dei," the mission of God, writes the Rev. Dr. Jerome Sahabandhu. more

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Tower of Babel

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If we care about mission, how can we foster innovation in the rigid United Methodist Church, asks Dr. David W. Scott. more

Global Nature

Juarez Mission

Photo by Sam Hodges, UMNS

Have a story about mission from your church, conference or individual effort? Share it with the General Board of Global Ministries to celebrate the coming anniversary of United Methodist mission work. more

Global Nature

Iglesia Metodista PR

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Eastern Pennsylvania will join colleagues from the neighboring Peninsula-Delaware conference to visit the Democratic Republic of Congo, while a second team will head to Puerto Rico. more

Global Health, Disasters & Climate Change

Head Gear Required

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How will your congregation practice mission in 2018? The Rev. Scott Parrish has some penetrating questions to help assess whether your church is relevant in the world. more

Local Church

San Juan Bautista

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Celebrating God’s visit through Jesus Christ as a mission to the universe has a significant impact on mission implications of the church, writes Dr. Jerome Sahabandhu. more

Practicing Faith

In the fifth of his series on unity in The United Methodist Church, Dr. David W. Scott examines the role of mission in keeping the global denomination connected. more

Global Nature

Filipino Farmers

Photo courtesy of Gladys P. Mangiduyos, UMNS

The world needs Christ's followers to be more humane and responsive to the cries of the vulnerable and less dogmatic to our own vision of mission, writes the Rev. Dr. Jacob Dharmaraj. more

Global Nature

DRC Children

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In a video recommended by the blog UM & Global, United Methodist missionaries Donna and Jonathan Baker tell their experiences with the differences in how Americans and Congolese interact with their children more

In the World

UM & Global, the collaborative blog of United Methodist Professors of Mission, is inviting scholarly reflections on a document about the nature of the church approved by the 2016 General Conference. more

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Desert Church

Photo Courtesy of Jeremy Smith

Inspired by Darryl Stephens' current series "Future Prospects," David W. Scott looks at the missional aspect of closing declining U.S. congregations. more


As the 2016 General Conference draws to a close, the Rev. Dan R. Dick writes of what he hopes will come for the future of The United Methodist Church. more

2016 General Conference

Orphan Trek

Photo Courtesy of Wayne Lavender

Promoting his General Conference petition to make caring for orphans the UMC's mission focus, the Rev. Wayne Lavender is trekking by foot and car to Portland, Ore. more

2016 General Conference

Doyle Teaser

Doyle Burbank-Williams

Artist and clergyman Doyle Burbank-Williams finds the UMC's mission statement – "to make disciples" – to be inadequate for the spiritual needs of the 21st century. more

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