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United Methodism's top mission executive was "surprised and disturbed" by the Customs detention of a Muslim Filipino peace advocate his agency had invited to the United States. more

Advocating Justice

Ending weeks of speculation, the bishops confirmed they've asked to UMC's high court to rule on whether alternatives to the Way Forward proposal will be allowed at the 2019 General Conference. more

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A United Methodist leader responsible for the church in Kenya supported recent sentiments behind a U.S-initiated march for Pan African peace, power and prosperity. more

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United Methodists attending the Washington, D.C., anti-racism event are encouraged to contact the General Commission on Religion & Race to connect during the multi-day gathering. more

Advocating Justice

From big cities to small towns, United Methodists everywhere across the United States joined in the student-led March for Our Lives event to advocate for gun safety. more

Advocating Justice

Nurse Patti Nelson, also a pastor's wife, found a way to soothe the babies born to drug-addicted mothers as they went through drug withdrawal, and her United Methodist congregation soon took up the ministry. more

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College students from New Orleans will head to Mexico March 24-April 1 to build a home for a Mexican family. more

Ministry with the Poor

Yellowstone Conference reports that the dire needs of the Blackfeet United Methodist Parish, stricken by a harsh winter, have been filled through the generosity of church people. more

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The National Council of Churches is spearheading a new effort by multiple faith-based organizations to end racism in America. more

Advocating Justice

While praying for victims of the Sutherland Springs church massacre and advocating for better gun control, United Methodists also looked again at their churches' security measures. more

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Before and after the recent Judicial Council rulings on human sexuality cases, LGBTQ advocates issued statements saying they would continue their efforts for full inclusion in The United Methodist Church. more


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United Methodists report they are both fleeing northern California's rampant wildfires and giving shelter to other evacuees. more

Global Health, Disasters & Climate Change