Press Release

Printed copies of the Advance Daily Christian Advocate should be out by Nov. 26, but an electronic version is now available. Read more

A Way Forward

Active and retired United Methodist bishops have called for U.S. politicians to stop partisan wrestling over the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border and devise compassionate humanitarian solutions. Read more

Advocating Justice

Clint detention

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The United Methodist Committee on Relief has called on congregations to take note of the suffering of immigrant children being held in detention along the U.S.-Mexico border. Read more

Disasters and Climate Change

The Council of Bishops of The United Methodist Church (COB) has asked the Judicial Council for a declaratory decision as to the constitutionality, meaning, application and effect of certain petitions adopted as the Traditional Plan. Read more

UMC Future 18 Comments

Uniting Methodists has invited clergy and laity to think about and propose ways to reorganize the denomination. Read more

UMC Future 2 Comments

Full text of the "Loved and Liberated" proclamation from the Our Movement Forward summit. Read more

UMC Future

The Renewal and Reform Coalition asserts that leaving out "practicing" from Traditional Plan legislation was an oversight, not an intention to "purge" LGBTQ people from the church, as has been interpreted. Read more

General Conference 2019

The committee said it found inconsistent wording in the several petitions that enacted the Tradition Plan. Read more

General Conference 2019

Noted pastors Mike Slaughter and Adam Hamilton will speak to the Room for All Coalition in Indiana. Read more

Local Church

The dialogue committee between United Methodists and Episcopalians has recommended moving forward with a full communion ageement. Read more


The Bay View Association and its residents were honored for their commitment to a local hunger walk that feeds into national efforts to relieve hunger and poverty. Read more

Global Health

Lilly Endowment gives $4.9 million for an 18-month experiment by Religion News Service, The Associated Press, The Conversation and the Religion News Foundation for world coverage of religion's role in life. Read more

In the World

A worldwide interfaith organization joins other religious organizations in condemning the Easter Sunday bombings at churches in Sri Lanka. Read more

Global Nature

New leaders take up posts with the United Methodist Association of Ministers with Disabilities, and the organization provides tips for talking respectfully about people with disabilities. Read more

Ordained Ministry

Secular media professionals were honored for their work on religion topics by the Religion Communicators Council. Read more

In the World

Smiling Dotson

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Centrist and Progressive UMC leaders engaged in conversations for a better way forward than what passed at the 2019 General Conference. Read more

General Conference 2019 14 Comments

Edmonds United Methodist Church in Edmonds, Okla., joins the ranks of United Methodist congregations whose leadership formally rebuffs the Traditional Plan adopted by the 2019 General Conference. Read more

General Conference 2019 1 Comments

The Connectional Table – the UMC's program coordinating body – has offered its services as a "conversation partner" to various private discussions now under way about United Methodism's future. Read more

General Conference 2019

Uniting Methodists say only an "open book" investigation into voting irregularities reported at the 2019 General Conference can serve the UMC. Read more

General Conference 2019 3 Comments

Remembering the murders of nine church members, the African Methodist Episcopal Church issues a statement on the massacre of Muslims in New Zealand laying the genesis of global white supremacy on forces in the United States. Read more